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Andrew Lebovich

Visiting Fellow

Andrew Lebovich is a visiting fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations focusing on North Africa and the Sahel. He is currently a doctoral candidate in African History at Columbia University in New York, where he studies religion, politics, and society in North Africa, the Sahara, and the Sahel. He previously worked for the Open Society Initiative in West Africa (OSIWA) as a Sahel consultant advising the organization on political, social, and security issues in West Africa and the Sahel, and for the New America Foundation. He has conducted field research Mali, Niger, and Senegal, and has lived in France, Morocco, and Senegal.

Andrew graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in History in 2009. His writing has appeared in Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, and the Combating Terrorism Center Sentinel, among other outlets.

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