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Vessela Tcherneva

Deputy Director
Head, ECFR Sofia

Languages: Bulgarian, English, German, Russian
Areas of Expertise: EU foreign policy; Western Balkans and Black Sea regions; transatlantic relations; regional studies; energy

Vessela Tcherneva is the deputy director of the European Council on Foreign Relations and head of the Sofia office. Her topics of focus include EU foreign policy and the Western Balkans and Black Sea region. 

From 2010 to 2013, Tcherneva was the spokesperson for the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a member of the political cabinet of Foreign Minister Nickolay Mladenov. Previously, she was secretary of the International Commission on the Balkans, chaired by former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato and former German President Richard von Weizsäcker; the supervising editor of the Foreign Policy Bulgaria magazine; and political officer at the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington, DC. Tcherneva holds an MA in Political Science from the Rhienische Friedrich-Wilhelm Universität in Bonn.

Latest from Vessela Tcherneva

  • BNT

    30th August, 2019

    Весела Чернева за посещението на Урсула фон дер Лайен в България в "Сутрешен блок" по БНТ.


    29th August, 2019

    Весела Чернева за БНР: Постигнат е паритетът в ЕК, който Фон дер Лайен търсеше


    04th July, 2019

    Весела Чернева за БНР: Източна Европа сама си е виновна, че не получи пост в ЕС


    01st July, 2019

    Весела Чернева за БНР: Манфред Вебер може да не оглави ЕК, но ще получи друг висок пост


    14th June, 2019

    Весела Чернева в "Сутрешен блок" по БНТ: Кой ще е новият председател на ЕК


    26th May, 2019

    Весела Чернева в "Събуди се" по NOVA


    24th May, 2019

    Весела Чернева за Европейски избори 2019 пред БНТ.


    02nd May, 2019

    Весела Чернева за политическата карта след Европейските избори в сутрешния блок на БНТ.

    New York Times

    29th December, 2018

    Vessela Tcherneva is quoted in the NYT's article on Hungary's involvement in aiding and harbouring a fugitive politician from Macedonia. 

    Balkan Insight

    20th September, 2018

    Vessela Tcherneva weighs in on Bulgaria's position regarding Hungary's standing in the EU

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