The EU’s New Top Personnel

This week, Mark discussed the European Council's top jobs package, from Ursula von der Leyen to Josep Borrell, who are supposed to lead Europe in the next years, with an ECFR all-star cast from four different ECFR offices.

Wes Mitchell: Perhapsburg (American Interest)
Francis Fukuyama: Identity
John Mearsheimer: The Great Dillusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities
Alexandros Yannis: Chimera: A Novel
Luuk von Middelaar: Alarums and Excursions – Improving Politics on the European Stage
Parag Khanna: The Future is Asian
German philosophy about Europe from Immanuel Kant to Jürgen Habermas
Robert Menasse: Die Hauptstadt
ECFR: Strategic sovereignty: How Europe can regain the capacity to act

The podcast was recorded on 5 July 2019

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