• Liberte

    09th September, 2019

    Tarek Megerisi is quoted by Liberté regarding Khalifa Haftar's situation in Libya.

    Süddeutsche Zeitung

    29th August, 2019

    Andrew Lebovich quoted in Süddeutsche Zeitung on Mali's government's involvement with milita in the fight against radical Islamists.

    Le Temps

    19th August, 2019

    Tarek Megerisi's interview on the stalemate in Marshal Khalifa Haftar's offensive on Tripoli was taken up by Le Temps

    Le Monde

    19th August, 2019

    Tarek Megerisi is interviewed in Le Monde about the stalemate in Marshal Khalifa Haftar's offensive.


    15th July, 2019

    Policy Fellow Tarek Megerisi talked to Zenith about the conflict in Lybia and Tunesias interest in the stability of the region.

    La Croix

    04th July, 2019

    Tarek Megerisi is quoted by La Croix regarding the recent air raid against Libya and the international community's inaction. 

    New York Times

    02nd July, 2019

    Tarek Megerisi was quoted in an article about the United Arab Emirates denying sending American missiles to Libya.

    Spiegel Online

    01st July, 2019

    Der Spiegel quotes Tarek Megerisi on the extension of Libya's civil war and the involvement of international actors.


    26th June, 2019

    Tarek Megerisi was quoted in a Reuters piece about Haftar’s defeat in Gharyan.


    18th June, 2019

    Andrew Lebovich is quoted by L'Express about the BCM on security in Sahel.

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