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  • Iran-US: Preventing a Collision Course

    ECFR, in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (FES), invited to a discussion on “Iran-US: Preventing a Collision Course” on 21 January.
    Following a series of attacks in Iraq that culminated in the assassination of Qassem Soleimani and missile attacks against airbases hosting the U.S. military, Iran and the United States have reached a peak of military escalation under the Trump administration. European leaders have called for urgent restraint and offered to engage in a diplomatic process to reduce tensions.

    Moderator: Ellie Geranmayeh (Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at ECFR)

    Discussants: David Jalilvand (CEO of Orient Matters); Bijan Khajehpour (economist and an expert on the geopolitics of energy); Adnan Tabatabai (co-founder and CEO of CARPO – Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient);

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    Brexit Weltschmerz: An era ends (Commentary)

    Josef Janning - 24 October 2019

    Britain helped bring modern, unified, and peaceful Germany into being. Its Brexit convulsions have trashed this historic reputation – probably for good.

    A hard Brexit looms (Commentary)

    Nick Witney - 21 October 2019

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have the momentum to get his Brexit deal over the line – and to follow up with a general election triumph while the electorate are still sighing with relief.

    There’s only one way to “just get it done” (Commentary)

    Nick Witney - 07 October 2019

    The UK’s European partners should grant it another extension in the Brexit negotiations. The horror show of the last three years has deflated much of the public’s belief in British exceptionalism.

    Bewitched by Brexit: Referendums and modern democracy (Commentary)

    Caroline de Gruyter - 03 September 2019

    Brexit is putting parliamentary democracy in question

    Expecting the Unexpected?: the UK & the 2019 European elections

    At our recent event in London, ECFR's Director Mark Leonard and MEP candidates Laura Parker, Jan Vincent-Rostowski, Irina von Wiese and Shahrar Ali, moderated by Mary Kaldor, discussed what to expect from this week’s European elections in the United Kingdom.

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  • El Mundo


    Tarek Megerisi contribtues to El Mundo's profile of major actors in Libya's political crisis. 

    El Mundo


    Tarek Megerisi is quoted in El Mundo on Haftar's assault on Tripoli. 



    Tarek Megerisi is quoted in Politico on France's role in the situation in Libya. 

    The Arab Weekly


    Hugh Lovatt quoted by the Arab Weekly on the impact of Netanyahu's reelection for the two-state solution. 



    Hugh Lovatt quoted by MSN on Benjamin Netanyahu's reelection. 

    France 24


    Hugh Lovatt is interviewed by France 24 on Donald Trump's role in the Israeli election. 

    Al Jazeera


    Ellie Geranmayeh is interviewed by Al Jazeera regarding the US decision to label Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organisation

    BBC World


    Chloe Teevan is interviewed by BBC World on protests in Algeria 



    Publico interviews Mark Leonard on populism and May's European Parliament elections. 

    France 24


    Tarek Megerisi's latest commentary is cited by France 24