European Sovereignty

Donald Trump’s assault on the Iran nuclear deal raised the question of whether Europeans can pursue a policy agenda on the world stage; the idea of European sovereignty. It is time for Europe to develop a new approach, to try to define European interests and develop a hard-headed strategy for achieving them. 

  1. Can Europeans develop a habit of thinking for themselves?
  2. Can Europeans invest in military and economic autonomy?
  3. Can Europe develop a catalogue of leverage towards other great powers (US and China)? 
  4. Do Europeans have a political strategy for reaching out to others?
  5. Is the EU sufficiently united at home to exercise sovereignty internationally?

These are all big and urgent questions. Rather than being perpetually surprised and outraged by actions coming out of the White House, it is time for Europeans to come together and develop a habit of thinking for themselves – and the tools to have their own foreign policy.

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