About cookies

We use some tools to enhance the functionality of our website, gather analytics and improve its overall usability. These tools may leave cookies on your browser. We are currently using these third-party tools:

  • Google Analytics: it lets us know when, where and how you visit our website, how you interact with it and which of our publications are more successful. It also helps us detect performance issues and act on them.
  • Hotjar: it allows us to analyse how you use our website in order to improve it and make it more usable.

None of the information gathered by these tools will let us know who you are, unless you voluntarily provide that information. We will take every technical measure available to ensure that, including IP anonymisation and on-page text suppression. In any case, you can opt-out of Google Analytics using this add-on and opt-out of Hotjar by clicking in the "Disable Hotjar" button in this page.

We use functional cookies to make our website work properly. For instance, we might use them to keep you logged in. These don’t give us any personal information.

If you consent, we might also collect some personal information with tools such as:

  • Google Analytics: we may collect your IP address and enable advertisement capabilities to find more about our users’ demographics.
  • Facebook pixel: we use this to target ECFR advertisements to you if you visited our website. This way we can inform you about events or publications you might be interested in.

Please keep in mind this personal information will be shared with our providers and that they might use this information with commercial purposes (see their privacy policies: Google, HotJar, Facebook). You can withdraw your consent by simply clicking here.

You can also use anti-tracking browser add-ons such as Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin, use browsers with built-in tracking protection such as Firefox or Safari, or disable cookies on your browser altogether.

ECFR doesn’t sell private information to third parties.