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28th November, 2017

Interview with Andrew Wilson on Russia's information war and its influence on different regions in Europe and the world.

TVN 24 BiS

13th November, 2017

Conversation with Aleksander Smolar on this year's 'Independence March' in Poland and its effect on Poland's image on the international arena.


08th November, 2017

Aleksander Smolar's commentary on the current Polish government's foreign policy.

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

07th November, 2017

Conversation with Marek Belka on the possibility of Poland's entering the eurozone.


06th November, 2017

Mark Leonard's commentary on the sexual harassment scandal in the UK amid Brexit.


04th November, 2017

Conversation with prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld on the anniversary of October Revolution and the situation in Catalonia.

Deutsche Welle

26th October, 2017

Conversation with Radosław Sikorski on PiS' foreign policy and its effects on the position of Poland in the European Union.

Polskie Radio

24th October, 2017

Interview with Piotr Buras on the current situation in German Bundestag.


17th October, 2017

Conversation with Rafał Trzaskowski on President Erdogan's visit in the context of the current political situation in Poland.


17th October, 2017

Conversation with Konstanty Gebert on Erdogan's domestic policies and his relations with the West.