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22nd September, 2017

Piotr Buras quoted about ideological similarities between Polish and Hungarian leaders and their relations with Europe.

Polskie Radio

21st September, 2017

A conversation with Piotr Buras about the upcoming German federal elections.


17th September, 2017

Commentary by Piotr Buras on the State of the Union 2017 address by Jean-Claude Juncker to the European Parliament. 


07th September, 2017

Interview with Mark Leonard on the current state of affairs within the European Union and its future


03rd September, 2017

Article by Henryka Bochniarz on the future of the European Union.


03rd September, 2017

Summary of the ECFR report by Gustav Gressel and Fredrik Wesslau titled 'The great unravelling: four doomsday scenarios for Europe’s Russia policy'.


30th August, 2017

Rafał Trzaskowski's comment on the domestic policies of the PiS government and their implications for Poland's position in the EU.


23rd August, 2017

Interview with Rafał Trzaskowski on French President Emmanuel Macron's visit in Central and Easten Europe.

Deutsche Welle

21st August, 2017

Ivan Krastev's commentary on the migration crisis in Europe.


19th August, 2017

Piotr Buras on the consequences of the Court of Justice's verdict for the European solidarity.