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Scorecard The Europe Question


The EU needs a Commissioner for the Mediterranean

By Emma Bonino - 21 Aug 14

The EU must adopt a new policy and new structures to deal with the worrying events across its southern border. 


Iran is not making a U-turn in Iraq

By Ellie Geranmayeh - 20 Aug 14

Switching support from Maliki to Abadi does not represent a real policy change for Iran.



Israel's spinning moral compass

By Daniel Levy - 19 Aug 14

Apparent wall-to-wall consensus in favour of the Gaza offensive among the Israeli public masks a deep internal moral malaise.


Demilitarising Gaza is not a solution, it’s a trap

By Daniel Levy - 15 Aug 14

Demilitarising Gaza is being touted as part of a solution to the recent fighting. However, it's a potentially dangerous red herring 


Europe desperately seeking answers on Iraq

By Julien Barnes-Dacey - 14 Aug 14

While the crisis in Iraq deepens, Europe has been slow to react - reluctant to be drawn into another quagmire in the region. 


From Syraqistan to Gaza – Europe must not hide behind the blame game

By François Godement - 13 Aug 14

Europe's inaction on the Islamic State could have tragic consequences, for the Middle East and for Europe itself. 


To fix Iraq, don’t lose sight of Syria

By Julien Barnes-Dacey - 13 Aug 14

However, a fundamental ingredient is still missing in shaping a coherent – though challenging - strategy for targeting IS in Iraq.


Four tests for EU policy on Gaza

By Mattia Toaldo - 08 Aug 14

It is still unclear when and whether Israel, Hamas and the other armed Palestinian groups will agree a credible ceasefire but it is fair to expect some form of increased EU post-conflict role in any such agreement. 


Time to talk to Hamas

By Nick Witney - 07 Aug 14

Israel wants to keep Hamas in the cold, but unless Europe works to encourage dialogue, the violence will continue.


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21 Aug 14

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