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Scorecard The Europe Question


Nuclear talks with Iran – no summer lull for negotiators

By Ellie Geranmayeh - 21 Jul 14

The toughest hurdles in this marathon diplomacy track have only just been encountered.


France’s fascination with Israel and Palestine

By Myriam Benraad - 21 Jul 14

As bombs fall on Gaza, France's deep-rooted preoccupation with Israel and Palestine is causing division within French society.



Ten priorities for Juncker’s Europe

By Edouard Tétreau - 17 Jul 14

Jean-Claude Juncker will have considerable authority as new European Commission president, and he must use it to embody a new vision for the European Union.


No time for cynics: the German-American intelligence dispute

By Volker Stanzel - 15 Jul 14

The US’s alleged spying was ill considered, but both sides need to focus on the real priorities of the transatlantic alliance. 


This renewed violence suggests a bleak future for Palestinians and Israelis

By Daniel Levy - 11 Jul 14

A toxic cocktail of greater radicalisation, lack of mediators and Binyamin Netanyahu do not bode well for the region


The Islamic State’s 1001 resources

By Myriam Benraad - 09 Jul 14

The jihadists have developed a comprehensive war economy that is fundamental to their strategy. 


Europe’s black holes

By Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 08 Jul 14

The European Union is at a crossroads and “Twitter diplomacy” will not be enough to solve its problems.


What price for a stable Egypt?

By Aziz El-Kaissouni - 04 Jul 14

Those who hoped Morsi's overthrow would usher in order instead face a leadership that responds to economic and social challenges with abuses of freedom.


How worried should we be about Al-Baghdadi’s new “Islamic State”?

By Andrew Hammond - 02 Jul 14

The “Islamic State” caliphate declared by ISIS is a problem, but mainly for Iraq.


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