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Susi Dennison

Senior Policy Fellow

Languages: English and French
Areas of Expertise: Human rights, democracy and justice; EU relations with North Africa, European Global Strategy; Scorecard

Susi Dennison is a senior policy fellow at ECFR.

At ECFR, she works on a range of projects, including the annual Scorecard and the European Union’s Global Strategy. Within the Middle East & North Africa Programme, she focuses on EU relations with North Africa and takes a particular interest in human rights, justice, and democracy questions.

Before joining ECFR in 2010, Susi worked for Amnesty International, carrying out advocacy on human rights protection and promotion in the EU's relationship with Africa, Asia, and the Americas. She was also the civil society representative in the Human Rights and Good Governance partnership of the EU Africa strategy from 2008 to 2010.

Susi began her career in HM Treasury in the United Kingdom. There she held a range of positions, beginning in the EU Co-ordination and Strategy team of the then directorate for Macroeconomic Policy and International Finance working on the co-ordination of ECOFIN positions and contributing to the Social Europe Working Group of the Convention on the Future of Europe. She worked in the Home Office Spending team during the 2004 Spending Review, advising on migration policy in the run-up to the 2004 wave of accession to the EU as well as on prisons and probation policy. She also worked in the Private Office of the Chief Secretary to Treasury and was the policy lead on Enterprise in Disadvantaged areas during the Budget and Pre-Budget Report, 2006.


Latest from Susi Dennison

Cover: Europe’s Neighbourhood: Crisis as the new normal

Europe’s Neighbourhood: Crisis as the new normal

by Susi Dennison & Nick Witney - 23rd June, 2015

Europe’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) needs drastic reform to deal with a region characterised by conflict, counter-revolution, and extremism

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Five takeaways from France’s departmental elections (Commentary)

by Susi Dennison - 23rd March, 2015

After his party’s poor showing in the departmental elections, Hollande must face up to five disturbing realities.

The incurable European (Blog)

by Susi Dennison - 24th February, 2015

Diplomat Robert Cooper, UK PSC Ambassador Angus Lapsley and ECFR's Susi Dennison, explore where and how the UK has influenced European foreign policy decision making in 2014.


The incurable European - the UK and Europe’s Foreign Policy (Podcast)

19th February, 2015

Diplomat Robert Cooper, the UK's PSC Ambassador Angus Lapsley and ECFR senior policy fellow Susi Dennison explore where and how the UK has influenced European foreign policy decision making in 2014, and what is at stake in the Brexit debate from a foreign policy perspective.

France blazes a lonely trail (Commentary)

by Susi Dennison - 11th February, 2015

France did not seem inclined to build coalitions on foreign policy in 2014, preferring to go it alone – which made it less effective as a foreign policy leader.

Britain is still a leader in European foreign policy (Commentary)

by Susi Dennison - 09th February, 2015

In spite of the rising tide of anti-European rhetoric, the UK’s diplomats are still cooperating with Europe and driving foreign policy initiatives within the EU framework.


ECFR’s World in 30 Minutes: Scorecard 2015 (Podcast)

05th February, 2015

In this episode of World in 30 Minutes Mark Leonard, Director of ECFR, and the three experts Susi Dennison, Kadri Liik and Jose Ignacio Torreblanca, take a look at the Scorecard 2015 publication and discuss the highlights and low points of EU foreign policy in 2014.


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