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Andrew Wilson

Senior Policy Fellow

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, some Belarusian, conversational French
Areas of Expertise: Ukraine, comparative politics of democratisation in the post-Soviet states, political technology

Andrew Wilson is Professor in Ukrainian Studies at University College London and a Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

His book Ukraine Crisis: What the West Needs to Know was published by Yale in October 2014 in the UK ( and in November in the USA (

He has worked extensively on the comparative politics of the post-Soviet states since 1990. His other books include Belarus: The Last European Dictatorship (2011), The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation (Third edition, 2009), Ukraine’s Orange Revolution (2005) and Virtual Politics: Faking Democracy in the Post-Soviet World  (2005).

His latest publications at ECFR are Protecting the European Choice and What does Ukraine think? 

Latest from Andrew Wilson


ECFR’s World in 30 Minutes: Sanctions (Podcast)

08th June, 2015

ECFR's director Mark Leonard speaks to Gerald Knaus, chairman and founder of the European Stability Initiative, Andrew Wilson, senior policy fellow at ECFR and Ukraine specialist, and Anthony Dworkin, senior policy fellow at ECFR and expert on human rights, democracy and justice, about the increase and effectiveness of the geo-economic tool sanctions.


The Hyper-Personalization of War by Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

Europe and Azerbaijan: The End of Shame by Gerald Knaus

Havel: A Life by Michael Zantovsky

From sanctions to summits: Belarus after the Ukraine crisis by Andrew Wilson

Geo-economics: Seven Challenges to Globalisation by Mark Leonard


ECFR’s World in 30 Minutes: Riga Summit (Podcast)

18th May, 2015

ECFR's director Mark Leonard speaks to Ian Bond, director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform, and ECFR Senior Policy Fellow’s Kadri Liik and Andrew Wilson. They take a look at the Eastern Partnership summit, which will take place in Riga on the 20th and 21st May 2015, and whether we can expect any major changes.


The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union by Prof. Serhii Plokhy

Putin’s Kleptocracy – Who Owns Russia? By Karen Dawisha

Frozen: The politics and economics of sanctions against Russia by Ian Bond, Christian Odendahl and Jennifer Rankin

The next battle for Ukraine series by Gustav Grassel, Kadri Liik and Andrew Wilson

Cover: What does Ukraine think?

What does Ukraine think?

by Andrew Wilson (editor) - 18th May, 2015

Ukrainian experts on war, politics and national identity.

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Ukraine’s economic pressures (Commentary)

by Andrew Wilson - 27th April, 2015

Russia’s aim is to create a dysfunctional Ukraine, and it will continue using economic means as much as military attacks.

Make Russia Share the World Cup with Ukraine (Commentary)

by Andrew Wilson - 27th March, 2015

It's time to start thinking about the pitfalls of the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia.

Cover: European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2015

The modus operandi of Putin’s Russia (Commentary)

by Andrew Wilson - 18th December, 2014

To understand Russia’s actions in Ukraine, we need to understand the nature of Russia’s agenda and how it is pursued.

Cover: What will happen with Eastern Ukraine?

What will happen with Eastern Ukraine?

by Kadri Liik & Andrew Wilson - 05th December, 2014

The situation in eastern Ukraine is only a temporary stalemate.

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