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Francisco de Borja Lasheras

Head of ECFR Madrid Office & Policy Fellow

Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, conversational Serbo-Croat & basic Russian
Areas of Expertise: Multilateral diplomacy, European foreign and security policy, Spanish foreign policy, EU enlargement in the Western Balkans, Ukraine, nation-building

Francisco de Borja Lasheras joined the European Council on Foreign Relations in September 2013 as Associate Director of the Madrid Office and Policy Fellow. Between 2007 and 2009 he worked for the Fundación Alternativas´ Observatory of Spanish Foreign Policy (Opex), as Coordinator on Security and Defence Policy, and taught comparative European politics at the George Washington University Madrid Study Center. After serving at the Spanish Permanent Representation to the OSCE, Borja spent several years in the Western Balkans, as Seconded National Expert to the OSCE Missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the field, as human rights officer, and Albania, with the Head of Mission.

Borja graduated summa cum laude at the Deusto University´s Faculty of Law and holds a Master’s Degree at Harvard University, where he studied international relations and politics. He has published on multilateral diplomacy, the Western Balkans, institution-building, enlargement, security policy, the crisis of Ukraine and strategy.

Latest from Francisco de Borja Lasheras

  • Cover: ¿Vaso medio lleno o medio vacío? Impresiones sobre Ucrania; por Borja Lasheras

    ¿Vaso medio lleno o medio vacío? Impresiones sobre Ucrania; por Borja Lasheras

    Borja Lasheras, director de la oficina de ECFR en Madrid, refleja sus impresiones sobre Ucrania ahora que la liberalización de visados y el Acuerdo de Asociación con la UE se han puesto en marcha.

    Listen online   

    Cover: European Reactions to Macron’s Victory

    European Reactions to Macron's Victory

    This week, rather than putting out our ordinary podcast, we're leaving the floor to Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, head of ECFR Paris, who's hosting a discussion with the heads of most of ECFR's offices from around Europe to look at France and Macron's rise from the outside in.

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    Cover: Views from the Capitals on the French election

    Views from the Capitals on the French election

    Nouveau podcast de notre série sur l'élection présidentielle de 2017 ayant pour objectif de traiter les thèmes d'actualité et de contribuer au débat dans la perspective des élections françaises.

    Cet épisode des Views from the Capitals de l'ECFR examine les attitudes des gouvernements et opinions publiques dans les capitales européennes au sujet de l'élection présidentielle française et de la victoire d'Emmanuel Macron, en particulier concernant les enjeux de politique étrangère.

    La discussion a eu lieu entre Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, directeur du bureau de Paris, Josef Janning, directeur du bureau de Berlin, Vessela Tcherneva, directrice du bureau de Sofia, Silvia Francescon, directrice du bureau de Rome, Piotr Buras, directeur du bureau de Varsovie, Susi Dennison, directrice du programme European Power et représentant l'opinion britannique, et Borja Lasheras, directeur du bureau de Madrid.

    Listen online   

  • El Mundo

    06th July, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras, publica en "El Mundo" una tribuna sobre la frivolidad de la actual era política.

    Europa Abierta

    29th June, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras, analiza en una entrevista la participación de ECFR en el Atlántida Film Fest

    El Mundo

    10th June, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras, publica en "El Mundo" una tribuna sobre el resultado de las elecciones en Reino Unido.


    30th May, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras, fue citado en un artículo sobre el tratado de asociación entre la Unión Europea y Ucrania. 


    30th May, 2017

    Borja Lasheras is quoted on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

    Europa Abierta

    29th May, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras, analiza en esta entrevista las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea.


    19th April, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras is quoted on Radio Intereconomía on the advancement of elections by Theresa May. 

    Financial Times

    09th April, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras is quoted on Spain flexes diplomatic muscle after long hiatus.

    El Independiente

    05th April, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras published a commentary on Bosnia, 25 years after the war. 

    El Mundo

    31st March, 2017

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras publishe a o-ped on a young Spanish initiative called "We will not give up" (No nos resignamos) that aims to reform Europe. 


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