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Kadri Liik

Senior Policy Fellow

Languages: English, Russian, Estonian
Areas of Expertise: Russian domestic and foreign policy, relations between Russia and the West, the Baltic Sea area, Eastern Europe

Kadri Liik is a senior policy fellow at ECFR.

Before joining ECFR in October 2012, Kadri was the director of the International Centre for Defence Studies in Estonia from 2006 until 2011, where she also worked as a senior researcher and director of the Centre’s Lennart Meri Conference.

Throughout the 1990s, Kadri worked as a Moscow correspondent for several Estonian daily papers, including the highest-circulation daily in Estonia, Postimees, as well as Eesti Päevaleht and the Baltic News Service. In 2002, she became the foreign news editor at Postimees. In 2004, she left to become editor-in-chief at the monthly foreign affairs magazine, Diplomaatia. She was also the host of “Välismääraja”, a current affairs talkshow at Raadio Kuku in Tallinn.

Kadri has a BA in Journalism from Tartu University, Estonia, and an MA in International Relations, specialising in diplomacy, from Lancaster University. 


Latest from Kadri Liik


ECFR’s World in 30 Minutes (Podcast)

14th April, 2015

With an EU-Ukraine summit coming up this month, in this episode of World in 30 Minutes Mark Leonard, Director of ECFR, speaks to Kadri Liik and Vessela Tcherneva from ECFR's Wider Europe Programme, and Carl Bildt, co-chair and former Foreign Minister of Sweden. They discuss their recent study trip to Kiev and Minsk were they met with the Ukrainian president Poroshenko, Maidan activists, think-tanks and ministers.


Mark Leonard’s World in 30 Minutes (Podcast)

05th February, 2015

In this episode of World in 30 Minutes Mark Leonard, Director of ECFR, and the three experts Susi Dennison, Kadri Liik and Jose Ignacio Torreblanca, take a look at the Scorecard 2015 publication and discuss the highlights and low points of EU foreign policy in 2014.



The Limits of Partnership by Angela Stent

European Spring by Philippe Legrain

On Populist Reason by Ernesto Laclau



Scorecard 2015 publication - Kadri Liik on Chapter 1: Russia (Podcast)

29th January, 2015

Russia's annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Eastern Ukraine turned EU-Russia relations from problematic into an urgent strategic problem. Kadri Liik, ECFR senior policy fellow and author of the 1st chapter called Russia from our European foreign policy publication Scorecard 2015, speaks about last year's challenges and what the EU could have done better. 


After the post-Cold War order A new EU-Russia relationship (Podcast)

29th January, 2015

Arkady Ostrovsky, Moscow Correspondent for The Economist, and Mark Leonard, director of ECFR, discuss whether Europe should forge a new post-Crimea relationship with Russia through the Eurasian Economic Union engaging Moscow through economic competition rather than military confrontation.

Cover: European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2015

Russia’s cultural war against the West (Podcast)

27th January, 2015

Maria Lipman, ECFR visiting fellow and former editor-in-chief of the Pro et Contra journal, and Kadri Liik, ECFR senior policy fellow, discuss the cultural implications of Russia's anti-Western stance.

The real problem with Mogherini’s Russia paper (Commentary)

by Kadri Liik - 20th January, 2015

The EU is at risk of fundamentally misunderstanding Russia’s motivations in its foreign policy, which could spell real danger.


Kadri Liik on the future of eastern Ukraine (Podcast)

17th December, 2014

Kadri Liik, ECFR senior policy fellow and expert on Russian foreign policy, talks about her recent policy memo "What will happen with eastern Ukraine?", and about how the EU should act in relation to the current stalemate in eastern Ukraine.

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