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Daniel Levy

Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme

Languages: English, Hebrew
Areas of Expertise: Middle East, National Security

Daniel Levy is the head of the Middle East and & North Africa programme at ECFR.

He is a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation and a senior fellow at The Century Foundation.

From 2003 to 2004 Daniel was an analyst for the International Crisis Group’s Middle East programme. From 1999 to 2001 Daniel was special adviser and head of Jerusalem Affairs in the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. He also served as senior policy adviser to Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, responsible for coordinating policy on issues including peace negotiations, civil and human rights, and the Palestinian minority in Israel.

Daniel was a member of the Israeli delegation to the 2001 Taba negotiations with the Palestinians and served on the Israeli negotiating team to the 1995 “Oslo B” agreement under Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He was the lead Israeli drafter of the Geneva Initiative, a joint Israeli-Palestinian effort suggesting a detailed model for a peace agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Daniel received his BA and MA from King’s College, Cambridge. He went to Israel in 1991 as chair of the World Union of Jewish Students in Jerusalem, a position he served in until 1994, after which he spent a year in the Israeli Defense Forces as a non-commissioned officer. In the late 1990s, Daniel was projects director for the Economic Cooperation Foundation, a policy-planning think-tank based in Tel Aviv.

Daniel is a founding editor of the Middle East Channel at He has written for many publications and is a regular commentator on TV and radio, including for the BBC, CNN, PBS, and Al Jazeera. 

Latest from Daniel Levy


Israel’s bus segregation row and Netanyahu’s new political challenges (Podcast)

21st May, 2015

With only a few months following his election victory, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is faced with his first crisis over a discriminatory pilot scheme that would've seen Palestinian workers banned from using Israeli buses in the occupied West Bank. The proposal has been scrapped. However, as ECFR's director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme, Daniel Levy argues, the government Netanyahu has put together will see on a number of occasions "this kind of visible ugliness floating to the surface in ways that people have tried to gloss over in the past".

Saudi King Salman speaks with his delegations at the Arab Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, 28 March 2015 | REUTERS/Stringer

Why it may suit Iran to let the Saudis win in Yemen (Blog)

by Julien Barnes-Dacey & Daniel Levy - 30th March, 2015

Analysis: For outside powers, the Yemen crisis is part of a balancing act with the nuclear deal at its heart

Election posters of various Israeli political groups | © epa european pressphoto agency b.v. / Alamy

Israeli elections primer: What to look out for (Commentary)

by Daniel Levy - 13th March, 2015

For the first time this century the leader of Israel’s Labour Party appears to be genuinely competing for the position of Prime Minister. 


Previewing Israel’s elections - what to look out for and what it might mean (Podcast)

09th March, 2015

With the Israeli elections coming up, Rosemary Hollis, Professor of Middle East Policy Studies at City University, Menachem Klein, Professor of Political Science at Bar Ilan University, Daniel Levy, Middle East and North Africa Programme Director at ECFR and Mattia Toaldo, ECFR policy fellow, discuss the possible outcomes. 

Netanyahu treads softly in America, but is incoherent on Iran (Blog)

by Daniel Levy - 02nd March, 2015

Netanyahu may come out of the US-Israel political brouhaha relatively unscathed, but his incoherence on the Iran issue itself is far more worrying and damaging. 


Gaza Six Months On - An Unsustainable Quiet (Podcast)

27th February, 2015

Sami Abdel Shafi, Representative of the Carter Center in Gaza, Tony Laurance, Chief Executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians, Maha Abu Shama, Programme Officer for Human Rights at the Sigrid Rausing Trust, and Daniel Levy, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at ECFR, look at what realistically can be done to ease the humanitarian suffering in Gaza.

Cover: European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2015
Cover: The Islamic State through the regional lens

The Islamic State through the regional lens

by Julien Barnes-Dacey & Ellie Geranmayeh & Daniel Levy - 14th January, 2015

Essay collection on the regional dimensions of the IS crisis.


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