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Director: Mark Leonard
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Headed by Director Mark Leonard, the London office directs ECFR's pan-European research and analysis, manages funder and Council relations, runs media and advocacy campaigns, and provides strategic advice to ECFR offices across Europe.

ECFR London office also provides research space to the majority of ECFR's policy fellows and acts as the organisation's voice within the United Kingdom. The office moved to its present headquarters in Westminster in May 2010 after its first years based in Hammersmith.

The London office is the location for ECFR's series of Black Coffee Morning discussions on a variety of issues relating to Europe and its evolving role in the world. Speakers have included Joseph Nye, Louise Arbour, Michael Stürmer, Lord Robertson and Gideon Rachman.



Recent events

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European Parliamentary Elections: What’s at stake?

30 Apr 2014

In an increasingly troubled time for the European Union, Sir Menzies Campbell, Stuart Wheeler, Mark Leonard, Prof Maurice Fraser, Dr Sara Hagemann and John Peet discuss the upcoming European parliamentary elections, and how their outcome will affect the EU and Britain's role in it. 


European Spring: How to put our economies and politics right?

15 Jul 2014

With European economies failing to deliver higher standards of living, and growing public disillusionment with apparently self-serving politicians, Philippe Legrain discusses where things have gone wrong in Europe and how to put them right, and explores the need for a European Spring in order to rejuvenate the continent. 


Europe’s Unstable Periphery: What can the EU do?

10 Jul 2014

The EU is facing unprecedented instability in its neighbourhood in the wake of the Ukraine crisis and the Arab uprisings, at a time when Washington is also pulling back from the world. We are organising a conference to rethink Europe's strategy and policy approach to its southern and eastern neighbourhoods. 


France’s pivot to Asia: The model to follow?

04 Jul 2014

As international attention continues to shift to the East, France has launched a 'pivot to Asia', encouraging Chinese investment while improving other bilateral ties. François Godement and Jonathan Fenby discuss whether this is a viable model for the rest of the EU, and how China will react to European relations with other regional actors. 


Russia, Ukraine and the Eurasian Union

27 Jun 2014

The Presidents of the Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have signed an agreement that gives birth to the Eurasian Union. But what is the Eurasian Union and what does it mean for the EU and its relationship with Russia? Is Russia now turning away from the West in the hope of a brighter future in the Asia-Pacific region? 



Can the Chocolate King bring the Ukrainian Economy back on track?

05 Jun 2014

Has the Euromaidan movement made a lasting dent in Ukraine’s economy? What measures can be taken to mitigate the effects of political upheaval? And what can we expect from the man known as the Chocolate King? 


Crisis in Libya: What Can Europe Do?

03 Jun 2014

Three years after its revolution, Libya is teetering on the edge of civil war, as core elements of democratic transition have stalled. Mary Fitzgerald, Mohamed Eljarh and Mattia Toaldo will discuss this crossroads for the country, and assess measures that Europeans could take to prevent further violence, and support Libya's long-term transition. 

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In recent years, media coverage of the European Union has faced its most serious test. What is the impact of a style of reporting geared largely towards the relations between the EU and the home country of the news organisation? 

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