Berlin, 26th-27th June. #ecfr17

The ECFR Annual Council Meeting is one of the leading conferences on Europe’s foreign policy. We follow the energy of the debate and this year, for our tenth anniversary, we will meet in Berlin on 26 & 27 June 2017,in the context of the campaign for the German federal election.

  • Mabel van Oranje at the ECFR ACM 2016
  • ECFR ACM 2016

The event, gathering once a year ECFR members, stands out by retaining the intimacy and interactivity of a private club, allowing a range of high-level speakers from Europe and beyond to look creatively and practically at Europe’s long-term prospects and its role in the world.

An overview of ECFRCouncil Membersaffiliations

An overview of ECFRCouncil Members affiliations

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  • Carl Bildt
    Carl Bildt
    former Prime Minister of Sweden
  • Emma Bonino
    Emma Bonino
    former Foreign Minister of Italy
  • Ditmir Bushati
    Ditmir Bushati
    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania
  • Brendan Cox
    Brendan Cox
    Co-Founder, Refugee and Migration Hub
  • Lykke Friis
    Lykke Friis
    Prorector for Education, University of Copenhagen
  • Timothy Garton-Ash
    Timothy Garton-Ash
    Professor of European Studies, Oxford University
  • Filippo Grandi
    Filippo Grandi
    High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations
  • Emily Haber
    Emily Haber
    State Secretary, Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany
  • Sylvie Kauffmann
    Sylvie Kauffmann
    Editorial Director, Le Monde
  • Flavia Kleiner
    Flavia Kleiner
    Co-President, Operation Libero
  • Stefan Kornelius
    Stefan Kornelius
    Head of International Section, Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Julius Krein
    Julius Krein
    Founding Editor, American Affairs
  • Katarina Mathernova
    Katarina Mathernova
    DG NEAR Deputy Director General, European Commission
  • Matthias Nass
    Matthias Nass
    Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit
  • Christine Ockrent
    Christine Ockrent
    Commentator and writer
  • Kati Piri
    Kati Piri
    Member of European Parliament
  • Norbert Röttgen
    Norbert Röttgen
    Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag
  • Marietje Schaake
    Marietje Schaake
    Member of European Parliament
  • Alexander Stubb
    Alexander Stubb
    Member of Parliament of Finland
  • Christos Stylianides
    Christos Stylianides
    European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management
  • Helle
    CEO, Save the Children
  • Jorge Toledo
    Jorge Toledo
    State Secretary for the EU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain
  • José-Ignacio Torreblanca
    José-Ignacio Torreblanca
    Editorial Director, El Pais
  • Sinan Ulgen
    Sinan Ulgen
    Chairman, Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies
  • Shahin Vallée
    Shahin Vallée
    Senior Economist, Soros Fund Management