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  • At a time where the unity and stability of Europe is being challenged, ECFR needs your support to promote a strong unified voice for Europe in the world. By providing a contribution to ECFR you can help us preserve our competitive edge in in-depth research with practical recommendations for action, using our seven offices across Europe as platforms for analysis, debate, advocacy and communications.


    Support ECFR’s work individually, through your company or organisation:


    Fund our outreach

    ECFR creates pan-European platforms, such as our Annual Council Meeting, which follows the European debate to different locations, combining big ideas about where Europe and the world are going with practical discussion about how to make them happen.


    Fund our programmes

    ECFR has four programmes that promote effective foreign policy based on European values and principles, such as respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


    Fund our pan-European base

    ECFR has seven national offices across Europe that provide unparalleled capacity for insight into national dynamics to work towards a unified European voice.


    Fund our research

    ECFR’s publications make concrete policy recommendations on how to use Europe’s influence as a force for good and frame the debate around Europe, allowing it to reach a wider audience.


    Leave a gift through a legacy

    This would allow ECFR to strengthen its work for an effective Europe for years to come.


    As an international non-profit organisation we are solely dependent on voluntary contributions

    For information on ECFR’s principles for the acceptance of funds, please click here. For a full list of our supporters or further details on how you can support ECFR, please contact Edin Dedovic on

    The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is a UK registered charity (No. 1143536) and donations from individuals who are UK residents and taxpayers fully qualify for Gift Aid, which means that for every £1 you donate, ECFR can reclaim 25 additional pence from HMRC. ECFR is also incorporated as a charitable entity in Germany (ECFR Deutschland GmbH; No. 127/603/54318). Contact us for detailed information, also about the harmonization of charitable donations now possible throughout Europe.


    Our full up-to-date Audited Accounts can be viewed and downloaded here.

  • ECFR remains grateful to its current supporters for their generous contribution over the past years. It has been their support which has enabled us to yield concrete results when promoting Europe’s values and interests on the world stage. ECFR is most thankful for its anchor funding from the Open Society Foundations.

    We would also like to thank the partners who have contributed financially to ECFR’s activities in 2015:



    Area of Support

    €0 – €4,999


    Coca Cola

    ECFR Madrid Office

    Estudio Politica Exterior

    ECFR Madrid Office

    Instituto Affairs

    ECFR Madrid Office

    PASOS Consortium (funded by the European Parliament)

    Wider Europe Programme



    €5,000 – €9,999


    Energias de Portugal

    Asia and China Programme

    Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Asia and China Programme



    €10,000 – €19,999


    Adis Lts

    2015 Annual Council Meeting

    Armenise, Giampiero Auletta

    ECFR Rome Office

    Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sport

    European Power Programme

    Cellnex Telecom

    European Power Programme

    EC Representation in the UK

    European Power Programme


    Asia and China Programme

    Savén, Björn

    ECFR General

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic

    Wider Europe Programme



    €20,000 - €49,999


    Alcoa Foundation

    European Power Programme


    Asia and China Programme


    ECFR Rome Office


    ECFR Madrid Office


    ECFR Rome Office

    Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas

    ECFR Madrid Office

    Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

    Asia and China Programme

    Joseph Hotung Charitable Settlement

    ECFR MENA Programme


    Asia and China Programme

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

    European Power, MENA and Wider Europe Programmes

    Norwegian Embassy Beijing

    Asia and China Programme

    Permanent Representation of Latvia to the EU

    Wider Europe


    ECFR Madrid Office


    ECFR Madrid Office

    Sasakawa Peace Foundation

    Asia and China Programme



    €50,000 - €99,999


    Communitas Foundation

    ECFR Sofia Office

    Daimler Foundation

    Asia & China Programme

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    European Power Programme

    German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    European Power and Wider Europe Programmes

    Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Asia and China Programme

    Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    MENA Programme


    ECFR Rome Office and Annual Council Meeting

    €100,000 +


    Compagnia di San Paolo

    ECFR European Foreign Policy Scorecard and MENA Programme

    Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    MENA Programme

    Heinz, Steven

    European Power Programme

    Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    MENA Programme

    Open Society Foundations

    ECFR General

    Robert Bosch Stiftung

    Asia and China and Wider Europe Programmes


    MENA and Wider Europe Programmes

    Stiftung Mercator

    ECFR Berlin Office, Asia and China and European Power Programmes

    Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

    MENA and Wider Europe Programmes