The Council

  • The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is a pan-European think-tank which conducts research and promotes informed debate across Europe on the development of a coherent and effective European values-based foreign policy. We are composed of a core think-tank of innovative researchers, a distinctive network of national offices in 7 European capitals and a Council of prominent Europeans who, through their individual networks and collective engagement, contribute to europeanise the national conversations on the EU’s foreign policy priorities and dilemmas.

    The ECFR Council, chaired by Carl Bildt, Emma Bonino and Mabel van Oranje, is a unique European strategic community of over 200 members - including serving foreign ministers, members of parliament, members of the European parliament, EU senior officials, former NATO secretary generals, intellectuals, journalists and business leaders - from the EU’s member states and candidate countries. It meets once a year as a full body to discuss the foreign policy challenges of the day. Members are appointed for a three-year renewable term by invitation from the ECFR Board of Trustees.

    Council Members benefit from the opportunity to belong to an exclusive network of European leaders; to participate in the annual meetings of the Council and local ‘Ginger Group’ meetings in countries where we have a national office; to input into ECFR’s policy planning cycle; to receive pre-publication copies of all ECFR reports; to receive private briefings from ECFR policy staff; to receive support from ECFR advocacy and media teams to stimulate debate and promote ECFR priorities in their own countries; to nominate individuals for ECFR Council membership.

    In return, we ask Council Members to commit themselves to some of the following responsibilities; to participate in our annual meetings; to support ECFR initiative by providing intellectual input and advice to our policy team; to engage in advocacy initiatives to promote ECFR goals through high-level meetings, open statements and interventions in national debates; to assist ECFR in organising outreach events in their own countries.

  • ECFR's Board members are: Carl Bildt (co-chair), Emma Bonino (co-chair), Ian Clarkson, Timothy Garton Ash, Lykke FriisIvan Krastev, Mabel van Oranje (co-chair), Andrew Puddephatt, Norbert RöttgenJavier Solana

    Carl Bildt (ECFR co-chair)

    Former Prime Minister and Former Foreign Minister of Sweden

    Carl Bildt has served as both Prime Minister (1991-1994) and Foreign Minister (2006-2014) of Sweden. During the first period his government initiated major liberal economic reforms, as well as negotiated and signed membership agreement with the European Union. The reform period in the early and mid-1990s is generally seen as having pave the way for the successful growth decades that followed. Subsequently he served in international functions with the EU and UN, primarily related to the conflicts in the Balkans. He was co-chairman of the Dayton peace talks on Bosnia and became the first High Representative to the country. Later, he was the Special Envoy of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to the region. Returning as Foreign Minister of Sweden in 2006, he come to be seen as one of the most prominent and vocal of European foreign ministers during those years.

    Emma Bonino (ECFR co-chair)

    Former Foreign Minister and Former Minister for International Trade and European Affairs of Italy

    Emma Bonino is a former Italian Foreign Minister. She also served as Vice President of the Senate (2008-13) and as Minister for International Trade and European Affairs (2006-08). She was a member of the Italian or European Parliament continuously since 1976, except when serving as European Commissioner for humanitarian aid, fisheries, and consumer policy (1995-99). A former Chief Observer of the EU electoral missions in Ecuador and Afghanistan, she was nominated ‘European Personality of the Year’ in 1996. During her career, she has conducted several international human rights campaigns, among the most successful – on the legalisation of abortion, the ‘Stop FGM’ campaign to ban Female Genital Mutilation, and for the establishment of the International Criminal Court.

    Ian Clarkson

    Founder of Celerant Consulting

    Ian Clarkson founded Celerant Consulting in 1987 and sold it in 2012 to Hitachi of Japan. When Celerant was sold it was one of the 10 largest operational consultancies in the world with a global footprint, 600 full-time employees and more than $140m of revenue. He is currently working on the education agenda in the UK combining strategy and practicality through the Chairmanship of Bright Field Consulting and participation as a director of 2 large Academy schools.

    Timothy Garton Ash

    Professor of European Studies, Oxford University

    Timothy Garton Ash is a historian and political writer whose works have charted the transformation of Europe over the last forty years. He writes a weekly column in the Guardian, which is widely syndicated in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and is a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books. He is the author of several books including, most recently, Facts are Subversive.

    Lykke Friis

    Prorector for Education at the University of Copenhagen

    Lykke Friis, PhD, is Prorector for Education at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is former Minister of Climate and Energy and also Minister for Gender Equality. She has published extensively on matters of the EU, European politics and foreign policy and she is frequently used as an expert analyst by Danish TV.
    Lykke Friis has held close to twenty honorary offices, including Member of the EU Reflection group appointed by the European Council. She presently serves on the International Crisis Group and the European Council of Foreign Relations as well as on the boards of three major Danish companies: The Velux Group, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, and The Rockwool Foundation. Moreover, she is member of the Trilateral Commission and is chairman of the Danish Foreign Policy Society.

    Ivan Krastev

    Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies

    Ivan Krastev is the chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, and permanent fellow at the IWM Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna. He is a founding board member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.  He is an associate editor of Europe's World and a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Democracy and journal Transit – Europäische Revue.  His latest books in English are The Anti-American Century , co-editors with Alan McPherson, (CEU Press, 2007) and Shifting Obsessions: Three Essays on the Politics of Anticorruption (CEU Press, 2004). He is a co-author with Steven Holmes of a forthcoming book on Russian politics.

    Mabel van Oranje (ECFR co-chair)

    Chair of Girls Not Brides – The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage

    A global advocate on peace and justice issues for almost two decades, Mabel van Oranje is Chair of Girls Not Brides – The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage. In 1993 Mabel founded the European Action Council for Peace in the Balkans and was its CEO until 1997. She also co-founded the Dutch foundation War Child in 1995 and served on its board until 1999. In 1997, she joined the Open Society Institute in Brussels as Executive Director, becoming OSI’s International Advocacy Director in 2003. From 2008 until 2012, she was the first CEO of The Elders. Mabel holds masters degrees in Economics and Political Science (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam. She helped found the global NGO coalition Publish What You Pay and was actively engaged in global efforts that led to the establishment of the International Criminal Court in 2002.

    Andrew Puddephatt

    Director, Global Partners and Associates

    Andrew Puddephatt is Director of Global Partners and Associates, an organization that promotes good governance, democracy and human rights.  He chairs the Danish based organisation International Media Support and is Deputy Chair of the Sigrid Rausing Trust. An expert advisor to UNESCO and UNDP he was awarded an OBE for services to human rights in 2003.

    Norbert Röttgen

    Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag

    Dr Norbert Röttgen is the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag. Dr Röttgen served as the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety from October 2009 to May 2012. He has been a member of the Bundestag since 1994. During this time he has held a number of key functions within the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and the German federal government. In 2009, he published "Deutschlands beste Jahre kommen noch". Dr Röttgen holds a PhD in Law from Bonn University.

    Javier Solana

    Former EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy & Secretary-General of the Council of the EU; former Secretary General of NATO

    Javier Solana is president of ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (Barcelona-Madrid). He is also distinguished senior fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings Institution, Fisher Family Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, chairman of the Aspen Institute España, honorary president of the Centre for Human Dialogue (Geneva), member of the board of the International Crisis Group, the European Council on Foreign Relations, and Human Rights Watch, as well as senior visiting professor at the London School of Economics, where he was awarded an Honorary Degree in December 2010.

    Martti Ahtisaari (ECFR Emeritus Chair)

    Chairman of the Board and Founder, Crisis Management Initiative; Former President of Finland

    Martti Ahtisaari was elected President of Finland in 1994. Upon leaving office in 2000, he founded the Crisis Management Initiative. A UN diplomat and mediator, Martti Ahtisaari is noted for his international peace work in Namibia, Indonesia, Iraq, Central Asia, Kosovo and Northern Ireland, among other areas. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2008, "for his important efforts to resolve international conflicts”.

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    Albania - Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark

    Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania

    Luxembourg - Macedonia - MaltaNorway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Serbia - Slovakia

    Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - The Netherlands - Turkey - United Kingdom



    • Ditmir Bushati - Minister of Foreign Affairs



    • Erhard Busek - Chairman of the Institute for the Danube and Central Europe
    • Steven Heinz (Austria/US) - Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, Lansdowne Partners Ltd
    • Gerald Knaus - Chairman, European Stability Initiative; Carr Center Fellow
    • Sebastian Kurz - Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
    • Ursula Plassnik - Ambassador to France
    • Albert Rohan - Ambassador (retired)
    • Wolfgang Schüssel  - Former Chancellor
    • Hannes Swoboda - Former President of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, European Parliament


    • Claude Kandiyoti - CEO, Krest Real Estate Investments; former publisher of 'Contact J' magazine 
    • Thomas Leysen - Chairman, Umicore
    • Françoise Tulkens - Member of the Human Rights Advisory Panel to the UN Mission in Kosovo; former Vice President, European Court of Human Rights
    • Marc Otte - Director General, Egmont Institute; former EU Special Representative to the Middle East Peace Process
    • Didier Reynders - Foreign Minister



    • Kristalina Georgieva - European Commissioner for Budget and Resources
    • Dzhema Grozdanova - Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee
    • Ivan Krastev - Chair of Board, Centre for Liberal Strategies
    • Ivailo Kalfin - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour & Social Policy; former Foreign Minister
    • Meglena Kuneva - Deputy Prime Minister for European Policies Coordination and Institutional Affairs; former EU Commissioner
    • Nickolay Mladenov -  UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process; former Foreign Minister 
    • Georgi Pirinski - Member of the European Parliament; former Foreign Minister
    • Daniel Valtchev - Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education



    • Vesna Pusić - former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs



    • Christos Stylianides - European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management


    Czech Republic

    • Simon Panek - Chairman, People in Need Foundation
    • Jiří Pehe - Director, New York University, Prague
    • Karel Schwarzenberg - Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Deputies; former Foreign Minister



    • Asger Aamund - President and CEO, A. J. Aamund A/S and Chairman of Bavarian Nordic A/S 
    • Rebecca Adler-Nissen - Associate Professor, Ph.D, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen
    • Stine Bosse - Chairman and Non-Executive Board Member; Adjunct Professor, Copenhagen Business School
    • Uffe Ellemann Jensen Chairman, Baltic Development Forum; former Foreign Minister
    • Lykke Friis - Prorector, University of Copenhagen; former Minister for Climate, Energy and Gender Equality
    • Connie Hedegaard - Former European Commissioner for Climate Action
    • Martin Lidegaard - Member of Parliament



    • Toomas Ilves - President
    • Kaja Kallas - Member of the European Parliament
    • Riina Kionka - Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to President of the European Council 
    • Mart Laar - Former Defence Minister



    • Martti Ahtisaari - Emeritus Chair, ECFR; former President
    • Tarja Halonen - Former President
    • Heidi Hautala - Member of the European Parliament; former Minister for International Development
    • Jaakko Iloniemi - Former Ambassador; former Executive Director, Crisis Management Initiative
    • Alexander Stubb - Minister of Finance; former Prime Minister
    • Teija Tiilikainen - Director at the Finnish Institute for International Relations
    • Erkki Tuomioja - Former Foreign Minister



    • Maurice Braud - National Secretary for International Affairs, Migration and Co-development, Parti Socialiste
    • Francois Burgat - Director, French Institute of the Near East; Senior Research Fellow, French National Centre for Scientific Research
    • Arnaud Danjean - Member of the European Parliament; Chairman of the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Security and Defence
    • Karima Dirèche - Director, Institute for the Research on the Contemporary Maghreb
    • Sylvie Goulard - Member of the European Parliament
    • Jean-Marie Guéhenno - President and CEO, International Crisis Group; former Under Secretary General for UN Peacekeeping Operations
    • Elisabeth Guigou - President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Assemblée Nationale
    • Guillaume Liegey - Partner, Liegey Muller Pons
    • Sylvie Kauffmann - Editorial Director, Le Monde
    • Bassma Kodmani (France/Syria) - Executive Director, Arab Reform Initiative
    • Bernard Kouchner - Former Foreign Minister
    • Pascal Lamy - Honorary President, Notre Europe; former Director-General of the WTO; former EU Commissioner
    • Bruno Le Maire - Former Minister for Food, Agriculture & Fishing
    • Jean-David Levitte - Former Sherpa to the President of the French Republic; former Ambassador to the United States
    • Dominique Moïsi  - Senior Adviser, IFRI
    • Pierre Moscovici  -  European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs: Former Minister of the Economy, Finances and Foreign Trade; former Minister for European Affairs
    • Christine Ockrent - Commentator and writer; Presenter of 'Affaires Internationales', France Culture Radio
    • Laurence Parisot - Vice President, IFOP
    • Diana Pinto - Historian and author
    • Jean Pisani-Ferry - Director, Prime Minister's Economic Policy Planning Staff
    • Olivier Roy - Professor, European University Institute, Florence
    • Ghassan Salamé (France/Lebanon) - Dean, Paris School of International Affairs; Professor of International Relations at Sciences Po & Columbia
    • Jean-Claude Trichet - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bruegel; former President of the European Central Bank
    • Pierre Vimont - Former Secretary General, European External Action Service; former Ambassador of France to the United States



    • Niels Annen - Member of the Bundestag
    • Roland Berger - Founder and Honorary Chairman, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH
    • Paul Bofinger - Member of the German Council of Economic Experts
    • Franziska Brantner - Member of the Bundestag
    • Gerhard Cromme - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siemens
    • Hans Eichel - Former Finance Minister
    • Joschka Fischer - Former Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor
    • Ulrike Guérot - Senior Associate for Germany, Open Society Initiative for Europe
    • Annette Heuser - Executive Director, Bertelsmann Foundation Washington DC
    • Ina Heusgen - Deputy Head, Parliament and Cabinent division, Auswärtiges Amt
    • Wolfgang Ischinger - Ambassador Chairman, Munich Security Conference; Global Head of Public Policy and Economic Research Allianz SE
    • Roderich Kiesewetter - Member of the Bundestag
    • Eckart von Klaeden - Head of External Affairs, Daimler AG; Former Minister of State at the Federal Chancellery
    • Caio Koch-Weser - Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank Group; former State Secretary
    • Stefan Kornelius - International Section Head, Süddeutsche Zeitung
    • Alexander Graf Lambsdorff - Member of the European Parliament; Vice President of ALDE
    • David McAllister - Member of the European Parliament 
    • Wolfgang Münchau - President, Eurointelligence ASBL
    • Matthias Nass - Chief International Correspondent, DIE ZEIT
    • Dietmar Nietan - Member of the Bundestag
    • Cem Özdemir - Leader, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Green Party)
    • Ruprecht Polenz - Former Chairman of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee
    • Norbert Röttgen - Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Bundestag
    • Klaus Scharioth - Dean of the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs; former Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the US
    • Andreas Schwab - Member of the European Parliament 
    • Daniela Schwarzer - Senior Director for Research and Director of Europe programme, German Marshal Fund of the United States
    • Volker Stanzel - Former Ambassador to China and Japan
    • Sabine Stricker-Kellerer - Senior China Counsel, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
    • Michael Stürmer - Chief Correspondent, Die Welt
    • Andre Wilkens - Publisher and Author (including most recently in German 'Analog ist das neue Bio')



    • Dora Bakoyannis - President, Democratic Alliance Greece; former Minister of Foreign Affairs
    • Kostas Bakoyannis - Head, Region of Central Greece
    • Kalypso Nicolaïdis (Greece/France) - Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford
    • George Papandreou - Former Prime Minister
    • Alex Rondos  - EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa
    • Loukas Tsoukalis - Professor, University of Athens and President, ELIAMEP
    • Stelios Zavvos - CEO, Zeus Capital Managers Ltd



    • Anita Orban - Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Gordon Bajnai - Former Prime Minister
    • Tibor Dessewffy  - President, DEMOS Hungary
    • István Gyarmati - President and CEO, International Centre for Democratic Transition
    • David Koranyi - Deputy Director, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center of the Atlantic Council of the United States
    • George Soros (Hungary/USA) - Founder and Chairman, Open Society Foundations
    • Réka Szemerkényi - Ambassador of Hungary to the United States 



    • John Bruton - Former Prime Minister (Taoiseach); President, IFSC Ireland
    • Lucinda Creighton - Member of the Irish Parliament; former Minister for European Affairs
    • Brigid Laffan - Principal of the College of Human Sciences and Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics, University College Dublin
    • Daithi O'Ceallaigh - Director of Corporate Affairs, Institute of International and European Affairs; former Ambassador to the UK



    • Giuliano Amato - Judge, Constitutional Court; former Prime Minister
    • Giampiero Auletta Armenise - Chairman, Rothschild Bank (Italy)
    • Emma Bonino - Co-chair of the Board of ECFR, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
    • Massimo D’Alema - President, Italianieuropei Foundation; President, Foundation for European Progressive Studies; former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister
    • Marta Dassù - Editor-in-Chief, Aspenia; former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs
    • Gianfranco Dell'Alba - Director, Brussels Office of Confindustria - Confederation of Italian industry; former Member of the European Parliament 
    • Gianfranco Fini - Former President, Chamber of Deputies; former Foreign Minister
    • Franco Frattini Chamber President to the Italian Supreme Administrative Court (Conseil d’Etat); former Foreign Minister and former Vice President of the European Commission
    • Monica Maggioni - President of RAI 
    • Emma Marcegaglia - President, ENI; former President, Confindustria
    • Marco Margheri - Senior Vice President Public Affairs, Edison
    • Alessia Mosca - Member of the European Parliament
    • Lapo Pistelli - Senior Vice President,  Stakeholder Relations for Business Development Support, ENI; former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs  
    • Romano Prodi - UN Special Envoy for Sahel; former Prime Minister; former President of the European Commission
    • Lia Quartapelle - Member of Parliament
    • Nicolò Russo Perez - Head, International Affairs Programme, Compagnia di San Paolo
    • Pasquale Salzano  - Executive Vice President Government Affairs Department, ENI
    • Stefano Sannino - former Permanent Representative to the European Union 
    • Giuseppe Scognamiglio -  Executive Vice President, Head of Group Institutional & Regulatory Affairs Department, UniCredit; President, Europeye Srl
    • Nathalie Tocci - Deputy Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali
    • Luisa Todini -  President, Poste Italiane



    • Sandra Kalniete - Member of the European Parliament; former Foreign Minister  
    • Nils Muiznieks - Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
    • Zaneta Ozolina - Professor, University of Latvia; former Director, Latvian Centre for Human Rights
    • Andris Strazds - Adviser, Latvijas Bank; part time faculty member, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
    • Vaira Vike-Freiberga - Former President



    •  Valdas Adamkus - Former President



    •   Lydie Polfer - Member of Parliament; former Foreign Minister



    • Goran Buldioski - Program Director, Open Society Think Tank Fund; Co-Director, Open Society Initiative for Europe



    • Joseph Mifsud - Director, London Academy of Diplomacy; Professor, University of Stirling 



    • Leiv Lunde - Director, Fridtjof Nansen Institute 
    • Ine Eriksen Søreide - Minister of Defence
    • Jonas Gahr Støre - Leader of the Labour party; former Foreign Minister 



    • Marek Belka - Governor, National Bank of Poland; former Prime Minister
    • Jan Krzysztof Bielecki - President, Partners Board, EY Polska, former Prime Minister
    • Henryka Bochniarz - President, Polish Confederation of Private Employers - Lewiatan
    • Danuta Hübner - Member of the European Parliament; former European Commissioner
    • Aleksander Kwaśniewski - Former President
    • Andrzej Olechowski - Former Foreign Minister
    • Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz - Ambassador of Poland to the Russian Federation
    • Adam D. Rotfeld - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Co-Chairman of Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters, Commissioner of Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative
    • Piotr Serafin - Head of Cabinet, President of the European Council; former Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Radosław Sikorski - Former Foreign Minister
    • Aleksander Smolar - Chairman of the Board, Stefan Batory Foundation
    • Paweł Świeboda - Institutional Team Leader, European Political Strategy Centre, European Commission
    • Rafal Trzaskowski - Former Secretary of State for European Affairs 



    • Luis Amado - Chairman, Banif (Banco Internacional do Funchal); former Foreign Minister
    • Jaime Gama - Former Speaker of the Parliament; former Foreign Minister 
    • Carlos Gaspar -  Member of the Board of Directors, Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI)
    • Teresa Patricio Gouveia - Trustee to the Board of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; former Foreign Minister  
    • Fernando Andresen Guimarães - Head of Division, Russia, European External Action Service
    • Miguel Poiares Maduro - Professor and Director, Global Governance Programme at the European University Institute; former Minister
    • Teresa de Sousa - Journalist
    • Antonio Vitorino - Lawyer; former EU Commissioner



    • Daniel Daianu Professor of Economics, National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA) in Bucharest
    • Klaus Iohannis - President 
    • Monica Macovei - Member of the European Parliament
    • Alina Mungiu-Pippidi - Professor of Democracy Studies, Hertie School of Governance
    • Ion Sturza - Founder & Chairman, Fribourg Capital; former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova



    • Sonia Licht - President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
    • Hedvig Morvai - Executive Director, European Fund for the Balkans
    • Ivan Vejvoda - Senior Vice President for Programs, German Marshall Fund of the United States



    • Juraj Bayer - CFO & Member of the Board, ZSE Energia
    • Pavol Demeš  - Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States (Bratislava)
    • Miroslav Lajčák  - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign and European Affairs
    • Mikulas Dzurinda  - Member of Parliament; Former Foreign Minister
    • Katarina Mathernova - Senior Advisor, World Bank
    • Karla Wursterova - Executive Director, International Visegrad Fund



    • Aleš Debeljak Poet and Cultural Critic
    • Tanja Fajon Member of the European Parliament
    • Danilo Türk - Former President of Slovenia
    • Samuel Žbogar - EU Representative to Kosovo; former Foreign Minister



    • Esther Alcocer Koplowitz - President of the Board of Directors, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC)
    • Joaquin Almunia - Former Vice President of the European Commission & Commissioner for Competition 
    • José M. de Areilza Carvajal - Secretary General, Aspen Institute España; Professor, ESADE Law School
    • Gustavo de Aristegui - Ambassador to India
    • Lluís Bassets Deputy Director, El País
    • Sonsoles Centeno - State Attorney/Legal Advisor, Permanent Representation of Spain to the EU
    • Carme Chacón - Former Minister for Defence
    • Diego Hidalgo - Co-founder of Spanish newspaper El País; Founder of Club de Madrid, CITpax and Founder and Honorary President of FRIDE
    • Juan Fernando López Aguilar - Member of European Parliament; former Minister of Justice
    • Irene Lozano - Member of the Congress of Deputies
    • Cristina Manzano - Editor-in-chief, Esglobal 
    • ĺñigo Méndez de Vigo - Minister of Education, Culture and Sport 
    • Enrique Mora - Political Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
    • Marcelino Oreja Aguirre - Member of the Board, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas; former EU Commissioner
    • Monica Oriol - CEO, Seguriber
    • Andrés Ortega - Author & journalist; former Director of Policy Planning, Office of the Spanish Prime Minister
    • Ana Palacio - Member of the Council of State; former Foreign Minister; former Vice President and General Counsel of the World Bank Group
    • Eva Piera - Director of Institutional Relations, BBVA
    • Charles Powell (Spain/UK) - Director, Real Instituto Elcano
    • José María Robles Fraga - Director, International Corporate Affairs, Santander
    • Javier Santiso - Director, Office of the CEO of Telefónica Europe
    • Narcís Serra - President of IBEI, Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals; former Vice President of the Spanish Government
    • Javier Solana - Former EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy & Secretary-General of the Council of the EU; former Secretary General of NATO
    • Anna Terron - Special Advisor to the European Commissioner for Home Affairs; President, InStrategies
    • Jordi Vaquer - Director, Open Society Initiative for Europe
    • Carlos Alonso Zaldívar - Ambassador of Spain


    • Urban Ahlin - Speaker of the Riksdag
    • Viveca Ax:son Johnson - Chairman of Nordstjernan AB
    • Erik Berglöf - Director, Institute of Global Affairs, London School of Economics
    • Carl Bildt - Co-chair of the Board of ECFR; former Prime Minister; former Foreign Minister
    • Ingrid Bonde - CFO & Deputy CEO, Vattenfall AB
    • Gunilla Carlsson - Former Minister for International Development Cooperation
    • Nicola ClaseAmbassador to the United Kingdom
    • Rolf Ekeus - Former Director of the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq
    • Karin Enström - Member of Parliament
    • Karin Forseke (Sweden/USA)Chairman, Alliance Trust Plc
    • Jytte Guteland - Member of the European Parliament
    • Anna Ibrisagic - Senior Partner, ESL & Network; former Member of the European Parliament
    • Carin Jamtin - Secretary General, Social Democratic Party
    • Diana Janse - Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, Moderate Party
    • Daniel Sachs - CEO, Proventus
    • Pierre Schori Chair of Olof Palme Memorial Fund; former Director General, FRIDE; former SRSG to Cote d´Ivoire
    • Margot Wallström - Foreign Minister
    • Peter Wolodarski - Editor-in-Chief, Dagens Nyheter



    • Maria Livanos Cattaui - Former Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce


    The Netherlands

    • Yoeri Albrecht - Director, De Balie 
    • Dick Benschop - President Director, Shell Netherlands
    • Han ten Broeke - Member of Parliament; Party spokesman on Foreign Affairs
    • Ian Buruma - Writer and academic
    • Steven Everts - Advisor, European External Action Service
    • Beatrice de Graaf - Professor of the History of International Relations and Global Governance, Utrecht University
    • Caroline de Gruyter - Correspondent, European Affairs, NRC Handelsblad; contributor, Carnegie Europe
    • Jaap de Hoop Scheffer - Former NATO Secretary General; former Foreign Minister
    • Ben Knapen - Permanent Representative, European Investment Bank; Former Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation
    • Rem Koolhaas - Architect and urbanist; Professor at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
    • Dick Oosting - CEO, European Council on Foreign Relations; former Europe Director, Amnesty International
    • Mabel van Oranje - Co-chair of the Board of ECFR, Chair of Girls Not Brides - The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage
    • Constantjin van Oranje-Nassau - Former Head of the Cabinet of Vice President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes
    • Robert Reibestein - Director, McKinsey & Company
    • Marietje Schaake - Member of the European Parliament
    • Petra Stienen - Author; former diplomat



    • Ekim Alptekin (Turkey/The Netherlands) - President, Turkish American Business Association (TABA/Amcham)
    • Senem Aydin-Düzgit -  Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair, Istanbul Bilgi University
    • Fatih Birol - Executive Director, International Energy Agency
    • Ipek Cem Taha - Director, Melak Investments; Journalist
    • Ahmet Davutoglu - Prime Minister 
    • Kemal Dervis - Vice-President and Director of Global Economy and Development, Brookings Institution
    • Hanzade Doğan Boyner - Chair, Doğan Gazetecilik and Doğan Online
    • Ibrahim Kalin Special Advisor to the President of Turkey, Deputy Secretary-General, Presidency
    • Suat Kiniklioglu - Executive Director, Centre for Strategic Communication (Stratim)
    • Soli Özel - Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Istanbul Kadir Has University
    • Behlul Ozkan - Assistant Professor, Marmara University
    • Safak Pavey - Member of Parliament


    United Kingdom

    • Douglas Alexander - Former Member of Parliament & former Minister for International Development
    • Charles Clarke - Visiting Professor of Politics, University of East Anglia; former Home Secretary
    • Ian Clarkson - Chair of Brightfield Consulting 
    • Robert Cooper - Diplomat; former Counsellor of the European External Action Service
    • Andrew Duff - Former Member of the European Parliament
    • Timothy Garton Ash - Professor of European Studies, Oxford University
    • Heather Grabbe - Executive Director, Open Society Policy Institute
    • Charles Grant - Director, Centre for European Reform
    • Damian Green - Member of Parliament
    • Sasha Havlicek - Executive Director, Institute for Strategic Dialogue
    • Jo Johnson - Minister for Universities and Science
    • Mary Kaldor - Professor, London School of Economics
    • Mark Leonard - Director, European Council on Foreign Relations
    • Adam Lury - CEO, Menemsha Ltd
    • Kirsty McNeill - Campaigns Director, Save the Children
    • Anand Menon - Professor of European Studies, Kings College London 
    • David Miliband -  President & CEO, International Rescue Committee; former Foreign Secretary
    • Chris Patten - Chair, BBC Trust; Chancellor of Oxford University; former EU Commissioner
    • Andrew Puddephatt - Director, Global Partners & Associated Ltd.
    • Emma Reynolds - Member of Parliament; former Europe Minister 
    • George Robertson - Former Secretary General of NATO
    • Rory Stewart Member of Parliament