• Deutsche Welle

    17th April, 2019

    Gustav Gressel is quoted by DW on an AfD lawmaker's trip to Crimea despite German sanctions. 

    Deutsche Welle

    17th April, 2019

    Gustav Gressel is quoted by Deutsche Welle in the context of the Crimea visit by an AfD politician. 

    Le Monde

    15th February, 2019

    Nicu Popescu is quoted by Le Monde regarding the relationship between Russia and the ex-republics of the Soviet Union. 


    15th February, 2019

    Tara Varma is interviewed by Arte regarding US and Russia's withdrawal from the INF Treaty and the consequences for Europe.


    12th February, 2019

    Gustav Gressel comments on Surkow's statements about Putin's style of ruling Russia. 

    Deutsche Welle

    08th February, 2019

    Gustav Gressel comments on the tensions between France and Germany in the Nord Stream 2 compromise. 

    Washington Post

    09th January, 2019

    In this op-ed for the Washington Post, Asli Aydintasbas analyses the disrupted US-Turkey relationship in the Syria conflict and advocates a more comprehensive approach to a peace settlement. 


    02nd January, 2019

    In OZY's summary piece on the global election year 2019,  Andrew Wilson shares his take on the upcoming Ukrainian election in light of ongoing conflict and Russian influence. 

    Washington Post

    22nd December, 2018

    In her op-ed for the Washington Post Jasmine El-Gamal analyses the lessons learned from Obama's Iraq withdrawal in light of Trump's announcement to pull US troops from Syria. 

    Política Exterior

    05th December, 2018

    Andrew Wilson on how Europe should tackle the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.