Wider Europe

  • Putting Moldova on the map

    Nicu Popescu - 9 April, 2009

    The European Union is the only political actor with the credibility to find a solution to the current crisis in Moldova writes Nicu Popescu.

    Europe's Next Revolution

    Andrew Wilson - 9 April, 2009

    The demonstrations in Moldova are unlike Ukraine's "Orange Revolution". They have been far from peaceful and have not been provoked by voting fraud. In this situation, the EU has a number of cards to play.

    An EU response to Moldova?s ?Twitter Revolution?

    Nicu Popescu - 7 April, 2009

    The EU should immediately send a mediation team led by Javier Solana to settle the political crisis, Nicu Popescu recommends.

    What's Left?

    Tibor Dessewffy - 6 April, 2009

    The neo-liberal discourse dominant in the last three decades has collapsed. But what is the state of the European Left?

    Bulgaria's Electoral Adventurism

    Nicu Popescu - 1 April, 2009

    Bulgaria's president has campaigned for the Communist party, while MPs think that European states should learn from Azeri electoral practices.

    An open letter to EU leaders

    31 March, 2009

    Ahead of the G20 summit, ECFR calls on EU leaders to show the vision and leadership to develop a coordinated position on the financial crisis.

    The Eastern Partnership in crisis

    Nicu Popescu - 24 March, 2009

    What is the likely impact of the crisis on the Eastern Partnership, the attempt to resuscitate the European neighbourhood policy and focus EU's political attention on the East?

    A complicated relationship

    Ulrike Guérot - 13 March, 2009

    Following France?s return to NATO military command this week, relations between Paris and Berlin remain complex.