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18th February, 2019

Piotr Buras comments on Poland's withdrawal from a planned summit in Israel following a row over Polish collaboration during the Holocaust.

Gazeta Wyborcza

14th February, 2019

Piotr Buras and Pawel Zerka discuss mobilising the pro-European vote ahead of the EP elections in May. 


13th February, 2019

Piotr Buras on the Polish-US relationship ahead of the Iran conference in Warsaw.

Associated Press

11th February, 2019

Piotr Buras on the ramifications of Poland's cooperation with the US on Iran.

Die Welt

03rd February, 2019

Piotr Buras comments on the role of the new hopeful figure in Polish politics- Robert Biedron.

Gazeta Wyborcza

28th November, 2018

Nicu Popescu and Carl Bildt's op-ed for Foreign Policy on the conflict in the Sea of Azov translated into Polish and reposted by Wyborcza.


18th October, 2018

Agnieszka Lichnerowicz and Piotr Buras talk about a recent European Council meeting on Brexit

Gazeta Wyborcza

04th October, 2018

Piotr Buras in his article on the Orban's politics and the future of European Union.


21st September, 2018

Piotr Buras and Paweł Zerka on Polish foreign policy after president Andrzej Duda's visit to Washington


15th August, 2018

Konstanty Gebert on the current status of US-Turkey relations.