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Not your Serbian déjà vu

Dimitar Bechev- 18/05/2012

The Serbian presidential elections this weekend look familiar - but Serbia is a very different place to how it was in 2004 and 2008. It is normalising fast and its core concerns are far more similar to other European countries than they were before.


The Americanisation of Turkey

Dimitar Bechev- 21/03/2012

Turkey's international profile and domestic politics have long been oriented towards the European Union. Now, both the Arab awakening and the internal momentum of AKP rule are pushing Ankara closer to the United States.


Призракът на една многополюсна Европа

Dimitar Bechev, Jana Kobzova, Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard, Andrew Wilson - 15/10/2010

ЕС трябва да изгради тристранен диалог по сигурността с Русия и Турция


Georgieva's difficult tasks

Vessela Tcherneva- 08/02/2010

The European Parliament votes on the new EU Commission on Tuesday. But for the replacement for the original Bulgarian Commissioner the vote is a minor hurdle compared to the tasks of the next five years

Десетилетието на пожарникарите

Vessela Tcherneva- 04/01/2010

Firemen, realists and idealists: this century's global leaders. A piece in Bulgarian.

Чий е Европейският съюз

Vessela Tcherneva- 13/10/2009

Закъснял с десет години, Лисабонският договор изглежда, че най-после ще види бял свят....

Fragility in the making

Vessela Tcherneva- 03/07/2009

Bulgarians go to polls on Sunday. Instead of enhancing the fledgling democracy, the elections have increased feelings of uncertainty concerning Bulgaria?s democratic future.

Russia's EU Trojan horse makes a change

Vessela Tcherneva- 29/04/2009

Bulgaria seems to have learned a lesson from January?s gas crisis ? Europeanise its energy resources. Vessela Tcherneva gives a first hand account of the Sofia Energy Conference.

Moldova: time to take sides

Vessela Tcherneva- 14/04/2009

The decision to hold a recount in Moldova's disputed election offers the European Union an opportunity to rediscover its democratic agency, says Vessela Tcherneva.

Bridging Europe's solidarity gap

Vessela Tcherneva- 27/02/2009

Today there is a new division in Europe - a solidarity gap. How will the EU bridge this perception, asks Vessela Tcherneva.

Gas crisis should refocus the EU's priorities

Vessela Tcherneva- 29/01/2009

Bulgaria was one of the countries worst affected by the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine. What lessons are there for Bulgaria to learn?

On The Periphery Of The New World Order

Vessela Tcherneva- 12/11/2008

When Barack Obama enters the White House as president in January 2009, what will change for the Balkans?

An overly comfortable limbo

Vessela Tcherneva- 24/10/2008

Like Greece and Macedonia itself, the EU is too willing to accept Macedonia?s state of limbo.

Where does Russia?s ?sphere of influence? end?

Vessela Tcherneva- 23/09/2008

Russia?s NATO and EU ambassadors push Moscow?s ?spheres of influence? into the EU starting with ?age-old ally? Bulgaria.