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The price of normalisation: Serbia, Kosovo, and a risky border deal

Vessela Tcherneva- 13/11/2018

This is the time for EU and its member states to push for solutions to the Serbia-Kosovo landswap that have domestic support and that enhance wider stability in the region

Cover: Macedonian referendum: What happens next?

Macedonia’s looming war of interpretations

Vessela Tcherneva- 28/09/2018

A clear majority in favour of the name deal in the referendum on September 30 would help to relieve tensions in the Balkans

Four things to know ahead of the NATO Summit

Joanna Hosa, Jeremy Shapiro , Vessela Tcherneva, Nick Witney- 06/07/2018

Our experts pick out four main topics to pay attention to ahead of the NATO Summit in Brussels 

Trump vs. EU: The dead end of the normative approach

Vessela Tcherneva- 04/07/2018

A divided EU - with an unstable Germany, a UK on its way out and renegade central eastern member states - is only of interest to the US as an ally in competition with Russia and China

Power words: Europe’s stake in the Macedonian name dispute

Daniel Stefanov, Vessela Tcherneva- 14/06/2018

By actively supporting Macedonia and Greece to settle their name conflict, the EU could energise other countries of the Western Balkans to engage in democratic reforms, while also strengthening their economic outlook – and counter an assertive Russia.

The End of the Concept of ‘the West’?

Vessela Tcherneva- 18/05/2018

The West is more and more divided and global strategic interests are diverging. The impact of the US President on views and transatlantic trust is significant. 

Cover: Macron: one year on

Macron: one year on

Mark Leonard speaks with Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, Almut Möller and Vessela Tcherneva, about what has changed in French foreign policy with Macron one year in office as French president.

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Bulgaria: The unforeseen effects of the Presidency

Vessela Tcherneva- 09/01/2018

Bulgarian politicians and officials will have to challenge the stereotypes about Bulgaria during their six month presidency and learn to strike coalitions in the EU.

Cover: GOVERNMENT: The unforeseen effects of the Presidency

Непредвидените ефекти на председателството

Vessela Tcherneva - 09/01/2018

Коментар на Весела Чернева за това какви ще са основните въпроси, по които България ще може, а и ще трябва да има позиция и да търси консенсуси?

What Europe can do for the Western Balkans

Vessela Tcherneva- 13/10/2017

It is high time for the EU to move beyond ‘stabilocracy’ and stand up to ethnic nationalist kleptocrat political leaders.