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French connections: How to revitalise the EU enlargement process

Vessela Tcherneva - 11/12/2019

The new French EU enlargement reform proposal is a reasonable attempt to overcome the debate about Macron’s recent veto. 

Cover: The first beneficiaries of 1989

The first beneficiaries of 1989

Host Mark Leonard has an intimate discussion with our heads of offices from Sofia and Warsaw, Vessela Tcherneva and Piotr Buras about their experiences, hopes and dreams during the transition times of the 1990s. How did their life and future change the minute the Berlin Wall fell? What are this generation’s thoughts 30 years later and predications for Europe in the coming 30 years?

This podcast was recorded on 21 November 2019.


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After the French veto: The new scramble for the Western Balkans

Vessela Tcherneva, Tara Varma - 25/10/2019

Without a credible path to EU membership, the Western Balkans could easily succumb to the lure of regional nationalism – and to generous Russian, Turkish, and Chinese offers in the EU’s own back yard.

Cover: How to deal with our Western Balkan neighbours?

How to deal with our Western Balkan neighbours?

North Macedonia and Albania wanted to start negotiations with the EU after having been candidate countries since 2005 and 2014. But the enlargement plans seemed to have stalled especially after opposition from France.
Host Mark Leonard is joined by Susi Dennison, José Ignacio Torreblanca and Vessela Tcherneva to get to the bottom of things and the divisions particularly between France and Germany on this issue.

The podcast as recorded on 17 October 2019.


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Borrell will face centrifugal forces in the Balkans

Vessela Tcherneva - 10/10/2019

The future high representative recognises the scale of the geopolitical challenge in the Balkans. But it won’t be up to him alone to meet this challenge.

Europe’s new agenda in the Western Balkans

Vessela Tcherneva - 07/08/2019

The main message for the Western Balkans is clear: countries in the region need to demonstrate a sufficient level of political governance before any technical process of EU accession can begin.

After the European Parliament election: Another chance to bridge Europe’s divides

Vessela Tcherneva - 24/06/2019

The recent European Parliamentary elections revealed that there is more to Europe's political geography than the traditional east-west divide

The strange influence of the Macedonian model

Vessela Tcherneva - 09/05/2019

North Macedonia's recent successes have sent a ripple throughout the region 

The price of normalisation: Serbia, Kosovo, and a risky border deal

Vessela Tcherneva - 13/11/2018

This is the time for EU and its member states to push for solutions to the Serbia-Kosovo landswap that have domestic support and that enhance wider stability in the region

Cover: Macedonian referendum: What happens next?

Macedonia’s looming war of interpretations

Vessela Tcherneva - 28/09/2018

A clear majority in favour of the name deal in the referendum on September 30 would help to relieve tensions in the Balkans

Four things to know ahead of the NATO Summit

Joanna Hosa, Jeremy Shapiro, Vessela Tcherneva, Nick Witney - 06/07/2018

Our experts pick out four main topics to pay attention to ahead of the NATO Summit in Brussels 

Trump vs. EU: The dead end of the normative approach

Vessela Tcherneva - 04/07/2018

A divided EU - with an unstable Germany, a UK on its way out and renegade central eastern member states - is only of interest to the US as an ally in competition with Russia and China