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La Stampa

19th June, 2019

Andrew Lebovich interviewed on mapping of armed groups in Sahel

La Stampa

16th May, 2019

New ECFR analysis on what Europeans fear

Agenzia Nova

07th May, 2019

Tarek Megerisi comments on the developments between Sarraj and the Italian government 

Corriere della Sera

26th April, 2019

Recent ECFR-YouGov data on how Italians see Europe and European issues

La Repubblica

17th April, 2019

What Europeans want. New ECFR report debunks 5 myths on EU elections 

Voice of America

19th March, 2019

Teresa on Xi visit to Italy and the consequences on the government coalition

La Stampa

09th March, 2019

Susi Dennison on the risks of next European elections

Valdai Club

08th February, 2019

Teresa Coratella on the current status of Italian foreign policy 

La Stampa

08th January, 2019

Almut Moller on Italy's alliances and role in Europe

La Stampa

05th November, 2018

Andrew Lebovich on Europe's support to Sahel