Policy Brief

Halting ambition: EU migration and security policy in the Sahel

by Andrew Lebovich - 25th September, 2018

Some European leaders see stabilisation of the region – through curbing migration and counter terror threats – as key to the future of the European project



Flash Scorecard

The nightmare of the dark: The security fears that keep Europeans awake at night

by Pawel Zerka & Susi Dennison & Ulrike Esther Franke - 23rd July, 2018

Great power competition is increasingly shaping Europeans’ security environment, while other security threats are also on the rise, from terrorism and cyber attacks to climate change.

Policy Brief

Order from chaos: Stabilising Libya the local way

by Tarek Megerisi - 19th July, 2018

The tragedy of Libya in well known in outline but poorly known in detail – to many in Europe, that is. But Europe has a role in the country's stabilisation.


Policy Brief

Fear and loathing on the New Silk Road: Chinese security in Afghanistan and beyond

by Angela Stanzel - 12th July, 2018

China’s priorities are shifting towards the containment of security threats in its region, and Europe should capitalise on this trend.


Policy Brief

No middle ground: Moving on from the crypto wars

by Stefan Soesanto - 05th July, 2018

The ‘second crypto war’ is in full swing; European governments need to stop trying to defeat encryption and get more sophisticated themselves instead.


China Analysis

The Trump opportunity: Chinese perceptions of the US administration

by Camille Boullenois, Jiakun Jack Zhang, Melanie Hart, Blaine Johnson, Earl Wang - 20th June, 2018

Four views from our authors on Chinese and Taiwanese views of the roots of Trump's strategy and trade policy, and Chinese blind spots


Policy Brief

The Marib paradox: How one province succeeds in the midst of Yemen’s war

by Adam Baron - 12th June, 2018

The northern province can act as a model for the rest of the country, if international actors, including Europe, learn its lessons.


Policy Brief

Can Europe save the world order?

by Anthony Dworkin & Mark Leonard - 24th May, 2018

The rules-based international order is under threat. The EU should place its defence at the centre of its global strategy.


Policy Brief

Winning the normative war with Russia: An EU-Russia Power Audit

by Kadri Liik - 21st May, 2018

The path to winning the normative war will not go so much through countering Russia as through improving Europe’s resilience and reinvigorating its model



Web Special

The Middle East's new battle lines

by Julien Barnes-Dacey & Ellie Geranmayeh & Hugh Lovatt - 17th May, 2018

An ECFR guide to the key disputes threatening to spark a wider Middle Eastern war