Keeping Europe safe after Brexit

Press release

It is time to develop a new EU-UK security partnership that enhances Europe’s security and power in the world, according to a European reflection group led by Marta Dassù, Wolfgang Ischinger, Pierre Vimont, and Robert Cooper that was initiated by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). 

As EU leaders head to the European Council this week to sign off on the transitional arrangements for the period after the UK’s departure from the EU, the ECFR  report “Keeping Europe safe after Brexit” (LINK published on 20 March) argues that a transition period will also be needed in the field of intra-EU security to ensure that co-operation from cyber to policing do not becom impossible after March 2019. The report’s authors therefore support the idea of a treaty on internal security and law enforcement after the transitional period elapses. After Brexit, protecting Europe will require flexible arrangements to encourage security cooperation between the EU and the UK. The dynamics of the Brexit negotiations should not be allowed to reduce the chances of a creative deal in this area that would be to the benefit of all sides.  

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