China at the crossroads: are the reformers winning the argument?

François Godement - 5 April, 2012

China is facing a choice between regress and reform

How the EU can support reform in Burma

Jonas Parello-Plesner - 29 March, 2012

Europe can help Burma reform, but its help must be gradual

Reinventing Europe: Czech lessons for small countries

28 March, 2012

From our Reinvention of Europe series of National papers

Syria: Towards a Political Solution

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 13 March, 2012

An end to the bloodshed may necessitate talks with the regime

The end of the Putin consensus

Ben Judah, Andrew Wilson - 1 March, 2012

Putin's return: why Europe should prepare for a weaker Putin

The long shadow of ordoliberalism: Germany’s approach to the euro crisis

Sebastian Dullien, Ulrike Guérot - 22 February, 2012

The thinking behind Germany's unpopular approach to the crisis

Reinventing Europe: Poland and the euro crisis

Konstanty Gebert - 7 February, 2012

From our Reinvention of Europe series of National papers

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2012

Hans Kundnani, Justin Vaisse - 1 February, 2012

Instead of helping to solve the world’s problems, Europe is now a problem itself

China Analysis: Facing the risks of the ‘going out strategy’

François Godement - 26 January, 2012

From a major exporter of goods to a major exporter of capital

China Analysis: One or two Chinese models?

François Godement - 19 December, 2011

To Chongqing or Guangdong? China’s big development decision