China Analysis: China’s sea power – reaching out to the blue waters

François Godement - 9 March, 2011

China is expanding its navy in the geopolitical tradition of great powers

After the revolution: Europe and the transition in Tunisia

9 March, 2011

Tunisians need European help to turn their revolution into a democracy

The EU and Belarus after the election

Jana Kobzova, Andrew Wilson - 26 January, 2011

A weakened Lukashenka means it's time the EU started talking to Russia

China Analysis: Redbacks for Greenbacks: internationalising the renminbi

- 30 November, 2010

The debate over Chinese economic convergence with the West

European security: The spectre of a multipolar Europe

15 October, 2010

The EU needs to build a trialogue on security with Russia and Turkey

China Analysis: Geopolitics on Chinese Terms

François Godement - 4 October, 2010

How does China think it should deal with Europe and the world?

The EU and human rights at the UN: 2010 review

Dorothy Connell, Richard Gowan - 21 September, 2010

Europe has lost support for its human rights positions at the UN

A danger or an opportunity? Post-Copenhagen China and climate change

François Godement - 1 July, 2010

The internal Chinese response to the Copenhagen climate conference