Policy Brief

A new Gaza: Turkey’s border policy in northern Syria

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 28 May, 2020

EU member states can find ways to cooperate with Turkey to support stabilisation in parts of the safe zone, without violating their interests and core principle


Deep sea rivals: Europe, Turkey, and new eastern Mediterranean conflict lines

Asli Aydıntaşbaş, Julien Barnes-Dacey, Cinzia Bianco, John V. Bowlus, Hugh Lovatt, Tarek Megerisi, Michaël Tanchum - 21 May, 2020

The eastern Mediterranean is becoming ever more perilous as geopolitical fault lines steadily enmesh the region. These rifts emerge from the Cyprus ‘frozen conflict’, competition for valuable gas fields, and the increasingly entangled wars in Libya and Syria.

Policy Brief

The meaning of systemic rivalry: Europe and China beyond the pandemic

Andrew Small - 13 May, 2020

The crisis is intensifying demands for Europe to puts its China policy on a more open, accountable, and values-based footing

Policy Brief

The post-coronavirus world is already here

Josep Borrell - 30 April, 2020

The pandemic will likely magnify existing geopolitical dynamics and test the strength of Europe’s democratic systems.

Policy Brief

A problem shared: Russia and the transformation of Europe’s eastern neighbourhood

Dumitru Minzarari and Vadim Pistrinciuc - 23 April, 2020

Failure to strengthen Eastern Partnership states could strengthen Russia and allow authoritarianism to diffuse westward into the EU

Policy Brief

Society max: How Europe can help Syrians survive Assad and coronavirus

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 21 April, 2020

European governments should pivot to a strategy focused on protecting those societal forces that are still standing and that can help salvage a better future

Policy Brief

Digital stability: How technology can empower future generations in the Middle East

Manuel Langendorf - 24 March, 2020

Europeans must help construct the region’s digital infrastructure, to prevent China from popularising its internet governance model there.

Policy Brief

Networks of impunity: Corruption and European foreign policy

Chris Raggett - 3 March, 2020

European policymakers should aim to catch up with, and overtake, their US counterparts on anti-money laundering regulation and enforcement

Policy Brief

Demonstration effects: How the Hirak protest movement is reshaping Algerian politics

Amel Boubekeur - 27 February, 2020

The Hirak protest movement has revealed flaws in Algeria’s ruling system, which lacks the tools to reinvent itself

Policy Brief

A Gulf apart: How Europe can gain influence with the Gulf Cooperation Council

Cinzia Bianco - 25 February, 2020

Europeans can shift the balance of power in the Gulf in their favour by approaching the Gulf through flexible new frameworks