Afghanistan: Europe’s Forgotten War

by Daniel Korski - 17th January, 2008

Daniel Korski argues that the international coalition should overhaul their Afghanistan strategy and strike a 'grand bargain' to stabilise the war-torn country.


Poland’s second return to Europe?

by Paweł Świeboda - 20th December, 2007

An in-depth analysis of the new Polish government's foreign policy.


A Power Audit of EU-Russia relations

by Mark Leonard & Nicu Popescu - 07th November, 2007

Despite its economic strength and military might, the EU has begun to behave as if it were subordinate to an increasingly assertive Russia.


New World Order: The balance of soft power and the rise of herbivorous powers

by Ivan Krastev & Mark Leonard - 24th October, 2007

A global public opinion survey shows that there is growing public support for a more multi-polar world