Policy Brief

The meaning of systemic rivalry: Europe and China beyond the pandemic

Andrew Small - 13 May, 2020

The crisis is intensifying demands for Europe to puts its China policy on a more open, accountable, and values-based footing

Policy Brief

The post-coronavirus world is already here

Josep Borrell - 30 April, 2020

The pandemic will likely magnify existing geopolitical dynamics and test the strength of Europe’s democratic systems.

Policy Brief

A problem shared: Russia and the transformation of Europe’s eastern neighbourhood

Dumitru Minzarari and Vadim Pistrinciuc - 23 April, 2020

Failure to strengthen Eastern Partnership states could strengthen Russia and allow authoritarianism to diffuse westward into the EU

Policy Brief

Society max: How Europe can help Syrians survive Assad and coronavirus

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 21 April, 2020

European governments should pivot to a strategy focused on protecting those societal forces that are still standing and that can help salvage a better future

Policy Brief

Digital stability: How technology can empower future generations in the Middle East

Manuel Langendorf - 24 March, 2020

Europeans must help construct the region’s digital infrastructure, to prevent China from popularising its internet governance model there.

Policy Brief

Networks of impunity: Corruption and European foreign policy

Chris Raggett - 3 March, 2020

European policymakers should aim to catch up with, and overtake, their US counterparts on anti-money laundering regulation and enforcement

Policy Brief

Demonstration effects: How the Hirak protest movement is reshaping Algerian politics

Amel Boubekeur - 27 February, 2020

The Hirak protest movement has revealed flaws in Algeria’s ruling system, which lacks the tools to reinvent itself

Policy Brief

A Gulf apart: How Europe can gain influence with the Gulf Cooperation Council

Cinzia Bianco - 25 February, 2020

Europeans can shift the balance of power in the Gulf in their favour by approaching the Gulf through flexible new frameworks

Policy Brief

War and pieces: Political divides in southern Yemen

Helen Lackner, Raiman Al-Hamdani - 22 January, 2020

The European Union should continue to support development and state-building in Yemen and develop platforms on which southerners can achieve self-determination

Policy Brief

The power of perspective: Why EU membership still matters in the Western Balkans

Beáta Huszka - 7 January, 2020

The EU should demonstrate its commitment to the Western Balkans by encouraging countries there to resolve their outstanding disputes