The EU and human rights at the UN: 2009 annual review

by Richard Gowan - 10th September, 2009

The EU?s ongoing loss of influence at the UN is putting lives at risk, argues the author of ECFR's latest paper.


China’s response to the G2

by François Godement - 25th June, 2009

Fears in Europe that China works to lock the US into a "G2" embrace so as to dominate the global agenda do not reflect Chinese experts' thinking


European and Russian power in the troubled neighbourhood

by Nicu PopescuAndrew Wilson - 16th June, 2009

The EU's strategy for influence in the eastern neighbourhood


Cover: Beyond the ‘War on Terror’

Beyond the ‘War on Terror’

by Anthony Dworkin - 27th May, 2009

The EU has an opportunity to influence President Obama's efforts to reform US counterterrorism policy

A Power Audit of EU-China Relations

by John FoxFrançois Godement - 17th April, 2009

China is exploiting the EU's divisions and treating the 27-state bloc with "diplomatic contempt" on issues ranging from trade to the Dalai Lama.


Shaping Europe’s Afghan Surge

by Daniel Korski - 25th March, 2009

Will the military surge in Afghanistan fail without a civilian surge?


Beyond dependence: How to deal with Russian gas

by - 06th January, 2009

Could building a single European market in natural gas be the most effective strategy for the European Union in countering Russia's divisive energy diplomacy?


Promoting democracy abroad - the EU’s record

by Anthony Dworkin - 15th December, 2008

In a joint research project with FRIDE, ECFR looks at the EU?s record in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco.


Re-wiring the US-EU relationship

by Ulrike GuérotDaniel KorskiMark Leonard - 08th December, 2008

With the pivotal change of leadership in Washington, the US and the EU may have an ideal moment to strengthen the US-EU institutional bond.


Is the EU a global force for human rights?

by Richard Gowan - 17th September, 2008

The EU's leverage to promote human rights through the UN has dramatically declined over the last decade, our exclusive report