Ukraine after the Tymoshenko verdict

Andrew Wilson - 16 December, 2011

Instead of lecturing Ukraine the EU must show that it means business

A ‘reset’ with Algeria: the Russia to the EU’s south

Susi Dennison - 13 December, 2011

Algeria is at risk of turmoil without EU-backed reform

Dealing with a post-BRIC Russia

Ben Judah, Jana Kobzova, Nicu Popescu - 30 November, 2011

Learning to deal with a changing Russia under a familiar leader

China’s Price for Rescuing the Euro

François Godement - 29 November, 2011

What price will Europe pay for China's help in rescuing the euro?

Four Scenarios for the Reinvention of Europe

Mark Leonard - 23 November, 2011

The impossible is also necessary if the euro and Europe are to be saved

Spain after the elections: the ‘Germany of the South’?

José Ignacio Torreblanca, Mark Leonard - 17 November, 2011

Spain's election, caught between the euro crisis and Arab revolutions.

Europe and the Arab revolutions: a new vision for democracy and human rights

Susi Dennison, Anthony Dworkin - 15 November, 2011

The EU's role in building accountable societies in North Africa

How to stop the demilitarisation of Europe

Nick Witney - 8 November, 2011

Building sustainable EU military power at a time of defence cuts

Towards an EU human rights strategy for a post-Western world

Susi Dennison, Anthony Dworkin - 21 September, 2011

Have global changes undermined the pull of Europe’s values?

The EU and human rights at the UN: 2011 review

Richard Gowan - 19 September, 2011

The UN is becoming multipolar, and the EU should take better advantage