A danger or an opportunity? Post-Copenhagen China and climate change

François Godement - 1 July, 2010

The internal Chinese response to the Copenhagen climate conference

Dealing with Yanukovych’s Ukraine

Andrew Wilson - 18 March, 2010

The Yanukovych Paradox: How Ukraine's new president can be good news for Europe after all.

China shapes its post-crisis economic agenda

François Godement - 19 January, 2010

The latest issue of China Analysis looks at Beijing's willingness to strengthen international economic governance

China and India: rivals always, partners sometimes

François Godement - 24 November, 2009

The authors of the latest issue of China Analysis argue that Western concerns over "Chindia"

Can the EU rebuild failing states? A review of Europe’s civilian capacities.

Richard Gowan, Daniel Korski - 15 October, 2009

Have broken promises and treating Afghanistan, DR Congo and Iraq left the EU without the capacity to prevent fragile states from failing?

What does Russia think?

Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard, Andrew Wilson - 24 September, 2009

ECFR publishes a collection of views from key Russian intellectuals.

The EU and human rights at the UN: 2009 annual review

Richard Gowan - 10 September, 2009

The EU?s ongoing loss of influence at the UN is putting lives at risk, argues the author of ECFR's latest paper.

China’s response to the G2

François Godement - 25 June, 2009

Fears in Europe that China works to lock the US into a "G2" embrace so as to dominate the global agenda do not reflect Chinese experts' thinking