The Young and the Restful: Why young Germans have no vision for Europe

by Ulrike Esther Franke - 17th April, 2018

Polls and interviews conducted for the paper indicate that German millennials are surprisingly conservative and liable to status quo bias.


The United Nations of China: A vision of the world order

by François Godement, Moritz Rudolf, Marc Julienne,
Marie-Hélène Schwoob & Kata Isenring-Szabó - 12th April, 2018

China has already brought the world “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”. Will its next goal be a “United Nations with Chinese characteristics”?


Alone in the desert? How France can lead Europe in the Middle East

by Manuel Lafont Rapnouil - 10th April, 2018

France sees the MENA region as a state for foreign policy and great power politics and an opportunity to shape global politics and punch above its weight.


The discreet charm of hypocrisy:  An EU-Turkey Power Audit

by Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 23rd March, 2018

The survey reveals the varying motivations of the 28 EU member states for keeping Turkey close -- but not too close.


Keeping Europe safe after Brexit

by Findings of a reflection group led by Marta Dassù, Wolfgang Ischinger, Pierre Vimont, and Robert Cooper. Edited by Susi Dennison - 20th March, 2018


The arrival of post-Putin Russia

by Ivan Krastev and Gleb Pavlovsky - 01st March, 2018

Following Russia’s March 2018 election, the behaviour of the country’s elites will be defined by the expectation of the president’s departure


The southern front line: EU counter-terrorism cooperation with Tunisia and Morocco

by Anthony Dworkin and Fatim-Zohra El Malki - 15th February, 2018

European states should devote more effort to joint work on radicalisation with Morocco and Tunisia


Crisis and Cohesion in the European Union: A Ten-Year Review

by Josef Janning - 05th February, 2018

Despite financial and refugee crises, research suggests the European Union is getting stronger, not weaker.


Poland and European Defence Integration

by Marcin Zaborowski - 25th January, 2018