Wider Europe: Publications

Ukraine after the Tymoshenko verdict

Andrew Wilson - 16 December, 2011

Instead of lecturing Ukraine the EU must show that it means business

Dealing with a post-BRIC Russia

Ben Judah, Jana Kobzova, Nicu Popescu - 30 November, 2011

Learning to deal with a changing Russia under a familiar leader

What does Turkey think?

Dimitar Bechev, Ivan Krastev - 7 June, 2011

Understanding how the new Turkey views the world, from inside

Turning Presence into Power: the EU in its eastern neighbourhood

Nicu Popescu, Andrew Wilson - 9 May, 2011

The EU needs to be more influential in its eastern neighbourhood

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2010

Hans Kundnani, Justin Vaisse - 30 March, 2011

The 1st edition of the European Foreign Policy Scorecard

The EU and Belarus after the election

Jana Kobzova, Andrew Wilson - 26 January, 2011

A weakened Lukashenka means it's time the EU started talking to Russia

Dealing with Yanukovych’s Ukraine

Andrew Wilson - 18 March, 2010

The Yanukovych Paradox: How Ukraine's new president can be good news for Europe after all.

What does Russia think?

Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard, Andrew Wilson - 24 September, 2009

ECFR publishes a collection of views from key Russian intellectuals.

European and Russian power in the troubled neighbourhood

Nicu Popescu, Andrew Wilson - 16 June, 2009

The EU's strategy for influence in the eastern neighbourhood