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What does Turkey think?

by Dimitar Bechev & Ivan Krastev - 07th June, 2011

Understanding how the new Turkey views the world, from inside


Turning Presence into Power: the EU in its eastern neighbourhood

by Nicu Popescu & Andrew Wilson - 09th May, 2011

The EU needs to be more influential in its eastern neighbourhood


Cover: European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2010

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2010

by Hans Kundnani & Justin Vaisse - 30th March, 2011

The 1st edition of the European Foreign Policy Scorecard


The EU and Belarus after the election

by Jana Kobzova & Andrew Wilson - 26th January, 2011

A weakened Lukashenka means it's time the EU started talking to Russia


Dealing with Yanukovych’s Ukraine

by Andrew Wilson - 18th March, 2010

The Yanukovych Paradox: How Ukraine's new president can be good news for Europe after all.


What does Russia think?

by Ivan Krastev & Mark Leonard & Andrew Wilson - 24th September, 2009

ECFR publishes a collection of views from key Russian intellectuals.


European and Russian power in the troubled neighbourhood

by Nicu Popescu & Andrew Wilson - 16th June, 2009

The EU's strategy for influence in the eastern neighbourhood


Beyond dependence: How to deal with Russian gas

by - 06th January, 2009

Could building a single European market in natural gas be the most effective strategy for the European Union in countering Russia's divisive energy diplomacy?


Can the EU win the peace in Georgia?

by Mark Leonard & Nicu Popescu & Andrew Wilson - 25th August, 2008

This authors analyse the background and developments in the Russia-Georgia conflict and outline recommendations on how to prevent wider political fallout.