Europe and the world : Publications

Europe and the vanishing two-state solution

Nick Witney - 9 May, 2013

Europe can rescue the two-state solution

Europe’s strategic cacophony

Olivier de France, Nick Witney - 25 April, 2013

27 countries in search of a proper security strategy

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2013

Susi Dennison, Justin Vaisse - 1 February, 2013

A comprehensive evaluation of European foreign policy

The EU, Algeria and the northern Mali question

Susi Dennison - 11 December, 2012

The EU needs to develop a more effective relationship with Algeria

Time to grow up: what Obama’s re-election means for Europe

Mark Leonard - 15 November, 2012

Europe needs to take more responsibility in its neighbourhood

The dangers of distraction: EU crisis management beyond the euro

Richard Gowan - 19 June, 2012

The case for cooperation in EU crisis management

China and Germany: a new special relationship?

Hans Kundnani, Jonas Parello-Plesner - 15 May, 2012

Why the emerging special relationship matters for Europe

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2012

Hans Kundnani, Justin Vaisse - 1 February, 2012

Instead of helping to solve the world’s problems, Europe is now a problem itself