Refugee Crisis: Publications

The war next door: Syria and the erosion of stability in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 4 July, 2016

Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have so far been resilient to the spillover from Syria’s civil war, but now the region's stability is hanging by a thread.

Paying the price: The cost of Europe’s refugee crisis

Sebastian Dullien - 28 April, 2016

Europe can more sustainably and cost-efficiently handle refugee arrivals by centralising management at a European level

Bear any burden: How EU governments can manage the refugee crisis

Susi Dennison, Josef Janning - 28 April, 2016

The EU should broaden the scope of what is expected of member states on burden sharing on refugee crisis

Deals without borders: Europe’s foreign policy on migration

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 4 April, 2016

Europe has relied on outsourcing responsibility for managing migration to other countries, but has failed to offer real incentives to its partners

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2016

Dennison et al. - 28 January, 2016

The sixth ECFR Foreign Policy Scorecard highlights the EU's diminishing ability to influence its neighbours, and the neighbourhood's growing impact on the EU.

Libya’s migrant-smuggling highway: Lessons for Europe

Mattia Toaldo - 10 November, 2015

How the lessons of Libya can help European policymakers respond to the wider migration crisis