Transatlantic relationship: Publications

China Analysis

The Trump opportunity: Chinese perceptions of the US administration

Camille Boullenois, Jiakun Jack Zhang, Melanie Hart, Blaine Johnson, Earl Wang - 20 June, 2018

Four views from our authors on Chinese and Taiwanese views of the roots of Trump's strategy and trade policy, and Chinese blind spots

Policy Brief

Can Europe save the world order?

Anthony Dworkin, Mark Leonard - 24 May, 2018

The rules-based international order is under threat. The EU should place its defence at the centre of its global strategy.

Policy Brief

The coming clash: Why Iran will divide Europe from the United States

Ellie Geranmayeh - 25 October, 2017

Europe must salvage the nuclear deal with Iran and step-up robust diplomacy with Teran on regional issues.

The transatlantic meaning of Donald Trump: a US-EU Power Audit

Jeremy Shapiro & Dina Pardijs - 21 September, 2017

The election of Donald Trump has changed everything except European attitudes toward American security

Fear and loathing on the road to the US elections

Susi Dennison, Dina Pardijs, Jeremy Shapiro - 17 October, 2016

European leaders are underestimating the danger that Trump presents to the transatlantic alliance and assuming too much continuity in the event of a Clinton presidency.

The everyday and the existential: how Clinton and Trump challenge transatlantic relations

Jeremy Shapiro - 12 October, 2016

Faced with the prospect of a Trump or Clinton presidency, the transatlantic relationship is likely to face difficult challenges whatever the result.