Multilateral institutions: Publications

Policy Brief

Three crises and an opportunity: Europe’s stake in multilateralism

by Richard Gowan & Anthony Dworkin - 05th September, 2019

Despite the existing crises to the multilateral system, the EU possesses a set of specific strengths needed to actually save the system.


Policy Brief

Rescuing multilateralism

by Anthony Dworkin & Richard Gowan - 25th June, 2019

The turmoil in the current system represents an opportunity for Europeans to shape a new order that meets their strategic needs.


Policy Brief

Separation anxiety: European influence at the UN after Brexit

by Richard Gowan - 08th May, 2018

Brexit has the potential to upset European coordination on development and human rights across the UN system.

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China Analysis

The United Nations of China: A vision of the world order

by François Godement, Moritz Rudolf, Marc Julienne,
Marie-Hélène Schwoob & Kata Isenring-Szabó - 12th April, 2018

China has already brought the world “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”. Will its next goal be a “United Nations with Chinese characteristics”?


Cover: Bordering on crisis: Europe, Africa, and a new approach to crisis management

Bordering on crisis: Europe, Africa, and a new approach to crisis management

by Richard Gowan - 28th April, 2017

Taking early steps to tackle humanitarian crises is a chance to show the EU has not entirely lost a sense of strategic purpose and that it is able to meet moral


Cover: Bursting the UN bubble

Bursting the UN bubble

by Richard Gowan - 30th June, 2015

Europe must learn the lessons of the Iran negotiations and boost Germany’s role at the UN Security Council to combat Russian blocking tactics