European Strategy: Publications

Fear and loathing on the road to the US elections

Susi Dennison, Dina Pardijs, Jeremy Shapiro - 17 October, 2016

European leaders are underestimating the danger that Trump presents to the transatlantic alliance and assuming too much continuity in the event of a Clinton presidency.

The everyday and the existential: how Clinton and Trump challenge transatlantic relations

Jeremy Shapiro - 12 October, 2016

Faced with the prospect of a Trump or Clinton presidency, the transatlantic relationship is likely to face difficult challenges whatever the result.

Leading from the centre: Germany’s role in Europe

Josef Janning, Almut Möller - 13 July, 2016

Berlin does not want to dominate Europe, but to exercise leadership via EU institutions - something that will be essential in a post-Brexit world.

European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2016

Dennison et al. - 28 January, 2016

The sixth ECFR Foreign Policy Scorecard highlights the EU's diminishing ability to influence its neighbours, and the neighbourhood's growing impact on the EU.

Policy Brief

Connectivity Wars

Ulrike Esther Franke, Mark Leonard - 20 January, 2016

Why migration, finance and trade are the geo-economic battlegrounds of the future

The road back to European power

Susi Dennison, François Godement, Richard Gowan, Daniel Levy, Kadri Liik, Jeremy Shapiro, Nick Witney - 9 July, 2015

The EU needs an honest assessment of its capabilities and to set limited goals behind which member states can show sustainable unity

Europe’s Neighbourhood: Crisis as the new normal

Susi Dennison, Nick Witney - 23 June, 2015

Europe’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) needs drastic reform to deal with a region characterised by conflict, counter-revolution, and extremism

Rebooting EU Foreign Policy

François Godement, Daniel Levy, Mark Leonard, Kadri Liik, Vessela Tcherneva, Nick Witney - 3 October, 2014

The EU is ill-equipped to respond to foreign policy crises.

Reframing Germany’s Russia policy - an opportunity for the EU

Stefan Meister - 24 April, 2014

Ukraine crisis shows Berlin’s Russia policy is out of date