European Strategy: Publications

Policy Brief

Alone in the desert? How France can lead Europe in the Middle East

Manuel Lafont Rapnouil - 10 April, 2018

France sees the MENA region as a state for foreign policy and great power politics and an opportunity to shape global politics and punch above its weight.

Policy Brief

The coming clash: Why Iran will divide Europe from the United States

Ellie Geranmayeh - 25 October, 2017

Europe must salvage the nuclear deal with Iran and step-up robust diplomacy with Teran on regional issues.

L’Europe qui protège: Conceiving the next European Union

Mark Leonard - 30 August, 2017

The EU’s survival depends on protecting its citizens from the forces it has created

Germany votes: European dilemmas in the Federal Election

Almut Möller with case studies by Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, Sebastian Dullien & Kadri Liik - 30 May, 2017

In the federal election year, Germans are ready to give new European solutions a strong boost and take more risks

The invisible web – from interaction to coalition-building in the EU

Josef Janning & Christel Zunneberg - 22 May, 2017

Survey of experts in 28 capitals illuminates the complex network of relationships among EU member states.

Pipelines and Pipedreams: How the EU can support a regional gas hub in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tareq Baconi - 21 April, 2017

The region could transform into a source of energy and security for Europe, but crucial decisions still need to be made.

Europe’s digital power: from geo-economics to cybersecurity

Stefan Soesanto - 18 April, 2017

This paper puts forward an understanding of digital power which rests on, first, the strength of the digital economy and, second, cyber capability.

The future shape of Europe

Almut Möller, Dina Pardijs - 14 March, 2017

A critical mass of countries agree on the need for more flexible cooperation, but what could it look like?

Fear and loathing on the road to the US elections

Susi Dennison, Dina Pardijs, Jeremy Shapiro - 17 October, 2016

European leaders are underestimating the danger that Trump presents to the transatlantic alliance and assuming too much continuity in the event of a Clinton presidency.

The everyday and the existential: how Clinton and Trump challenge transatlantic relations

Jeremy Shapiro - 12 October, 2016

Faced with the prospect of a Trump or Clinton presidency, the transatlantic relationship is likely to face difficult challenges whatever the result.