European Strategy: Publications

Policy Brief

Not smart enough: The poverty of European military thinking on artificial intelligence

Ulrike Esther Franke - 18 December, 2019

Failing to coordinate properly in the AI area could threaten future European defence cooperation, including PESCO and the European Defence

Policy Brief

Border games: Has Spain found an answer to the populist challenge on migration?

Shoshana Fine, José Ignacio Torreblanca - 3 September, 2019

Spain, and Europe, need a new story about migration – it remains to be seen how the country will put this into practice.

Independence play: Europe’s pursuit of strategic autonomy

Ulrike Esther Franke, Tara Varma - 18 July, 2019

To fulfil its true potential, the EU needs to end its strategic cacophony and focus on capability building

Policy Brief

Harnessing artificial intelligence

Ulrike Franke - 25 June, 2019

If Europe does not address these difficult questions soon it will find itself surrounded by more powerful rivals deploying AI against it

Policy Brief

No middle ground: Moving on from the crypto wars

Stefan Soesanto - 5 July, 2018

The ‘second crypto war’ is in full swing; European governments need to stop trying to defeat encryption and get more sophisticated themselves instead.

Policy Brief

Can Europe save the world order?

Anthony Dworkin, Mark Leonard - 24 May, 2018

The rules-based international order is under threat. The EU should place its defence at the centre of its global strategy.

Policy Brief

The Way Back: Brain Drain and Prosperity in the Western Balkans

Alida Vracic - 9 May, 2018

The EU should do more to promote circular migration as part of their ongoing pursuit of European integration.

Policy Brief

Separation anxiety: European influence at the UN after Brexit

Richard Gowan - 8 May, 2018

Brexit has the potential to upset European coordination on development and human rights across the UN system.

Policy Brief

The Young and the Restful: Why young Germans have no vision for Europe

Ulrike Esther Franke - 17 April, 2018

Polls and interviews conducted for the paper indicate that German millennials are surprisingly conservative and liable to status quo bias.