Cohesion & Governance: Publications

Policy Brief

Keeping Europeans together

Josef Janning (editor) - 20 September, 2016

This volume reflects the diversity of European cohesion. It provides the national context and personal assessments from 28 EU member states.

The world according to Europe’s insurgent parties: Putin, migration and people power

Susi Dennison, Dina Pardijs - 27 June, 2016

A political tsunami is on the horizon driven by more referenda - meet the insurgent parties calling for them.

Brits abroad: How Brexit could hurt expats

Susi Dennison, Dina Pardijs - 20 June, 2016

A British exit from the EU could jeopardise the jobs, homes, and healthcare of the 1.2 million Brits living in Europe, according to new research from ECFR.

Making sense of Europe’s cohesion challenge

Josef Janning - 11 May, 2016

A new study from ECFR shows that, perhaps surprisingly, between 2007 and 2014, cohesion among EU member states has improved, even after years of crises.

Paying the price: The cost of Europe’s refugee crisis

Sebastian Dullien - 28 April, 2016

Europe can more sustainably and cost-efficiently handle refugee arrivals by centralising management at a European level

Policy Brief

Connectivity Wars

Ulrike Esther Franke, Mark Leonard - 20 January, 2016

Why migration, finance and trade are the geo-economic battlegrounds of the future

Brexit to nowhere: The foreign policy consequences of “Out”

Nick Witney - 5 November, 2015

British exit from the EU would have serious foreign policy consequences – both for Britain and for the rest of Europe


Britain in Europe Renegotiation Scorecard

ECFR - 28 September, 2015

The scorecard assesses the support that components of the reform agenda enjoy in Europe’s capitals. 

Europe’s Neighbourhood: Crisis as the new normal

Susi Dennison, Nick Witney - 23 June, 2015

Europe’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) needs drastic reform to deal with a region characterised by conflict, counter-revolution, and extremism

The British problem and what it means for Europe

Mark Leonard - 11 March, 2015

With the prospect of a referendum before 2017, a British Exit from the EU led by a Europhobic elite is a real possibility – with disasterous consequences.