Cohesion & Governance: Publications

Policy Brief

The Young and the Restful: Why young Germans have no vision for Europe

Ulrike Esther Franke - 17 April, 2018

Polls and interviews conducted for the paper indicate that German millennials are surprisingly conservative and liable to status quo bias.

Policy Brief

Keeping Europe safe after Brexit

Findings of a reflection group led by Marta Dassù, Wolfgang Ischinger, Pierre Vimont, and Robert Cooper. Edited by Susi Dennison - 20 March, 2018


EU Cohesion Monitor

Josef Janning, Christoph Klavehn - 7 February, 2018

European cohesion is bouncing back after crisis years. The EU Cohesion Monitor presents new insights on cohesion as an underestimated source of strength and collective action in the EU.

Policy Brief

Crisis and Cohesion in the European Union: A Ten-Year Review

Josef Janning - 5 February, 2018

Despite financial and refugee crises, research suggests the European Union is getting stronger, not weaker.

Policy Brief

Exploring EU Coalitions

Christoph Klavehn, Josef Janning, Christel Zunneberg - 16 October, 2017

New essay collection points way to potential coalitions for flexible European cooperation

Europe and its discontents: Poland’s collision course with the European Union

Piotr Buras - 7 September, 2017

If Poland continues to drift away from the EU it will not only diminish its own influence, but also undermine the EU’s internal cohesion.

L’Europe qui protège: Conceiving the next European Union

Mark Leonard - 30 August, 2017

The EU’s survival depends on protecting its citizens from the forces it has created

Fellow travellers: Russia, anti-Westernism, and Europe’s political parties

Gustav Gressel - 14 July, 2017

Anti-Western elements, exploitable by the Kremlin, exist not only on the fringes of European politics, but reach right into the heart of established parties.

The invisible web – from interaction to coalition-building in the EU

Josef Janning & Christel Zunneberg - 22 May, 2017

Survey of experts in 28 capitals illuminates the complex network of relationships among EU member states.

The future shape of Europe

Almut Möller, Dina Pardijs - 14 March, 2017

A critical mass of countries agree on the need for more flexible cooperation, but what could it look like?