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Policy Brief

The big engine that might: How France and Germany can build a geopolitical Europe

Jana Puglierin, Ulrike Esther Franke - 14 July, 2020

The EU Coalition Explorer survey reveals the importance of Germany and France within the EU, and the impact they can have when they cooperate with each other.

Policy Brief

Machine politics: Europe and the AI revolution

Ulrike Franke & Paola Sartori - 11 July, 2019

The EU appears to be largely uninterested in AI’s geopolitical importance, but its member states can only influence the global development of AI if they act tog

Policy Brief

No middle ground: Moving on from the crypto wars

Stefan Soesanto - 5 July, 2018

The ‘second crypto war’ is in full swing; European governments need to stop trying to defeat encryption and get more sophisticated themselves instead.

Policy Brief

Poland and European Defence Integration

Marcin Zaborowski - 25 January, 2018

Influence by default: Europe’s impact on military security in East Asia

Mathieu Duchâtel & Mark Bromley - 16 May, 2017

In the continued absence of a policy, European commercial actions in the armament sector could have a destabilising impact on Asian security.

Crimintern: How the Kremlin uses Russia’s criminal networks in Europe

Mark Galeotti - 18 April, 2017

European states and institutions have to consider the challenges posed by Russian-based organised crime, and adopt measures to combat it.

Europe’s new counter-terror wars

Anthony Dworkin - 21 October, 2016

European counter-terror wars risk failing to prevent attacks while weakening international law.

One hundred years of British solitude: Magical thinking about Brexit and security

Susi Dennison, Mark Leonard, Nick Witney - 16 May, 2016

A British exit from the EU would make it harder to fight crime and terrorism, reduce Britain’s ability to lead and influence its partners, and weaken NATO