Russia: Publications

Policy Brief

Lessons from Belarus: How the EU can support clean elections in Moldova and Georgia

Andrew Wilson - 17 September, 2020

The EU should make use of its significant leverage in Georgia and Moldova to counter their ruling parties’ extensive repertoire of electoral dirty tricks

Policy Brief

A problem shared: Russia and the transformation of Europe’s eastern neighbourhood

Dumitru Minzarari and Vadim Pistrinciuc - 23 April, 2020

Failure to strengthen Eastern Partnership states could strengthen Russia and allow authoritarianism to diffuse westward into the EU

Policy Brief

The last of the offended: Russia’s first post-Putin diplomats

Kadri Liik - 19 November, 2019

Russia’s new generation of foreign policy professionals bring with them a shift in attitudes that challenges centrality of “the West” in Russian foreign policy.

Policy Brief

Defender of the faith? How Ukraine’s Orthodox split threatens Russia

Kadri Liik, Momchil Metodiev, and Nicu Popescu - 30 May, 2019

Policy Brief

Winning the normative war with Russia: An EU-Russia Power Audit

Kadri Liik - 21 May, 2018

The path to winning the normative war will not go so much through countering Russia as through improving Europe’s resilience and reinvigorating its model

Policy Brief

The arrival of post-Putin Russia

Ivan Krastev and Gleb Pavlovsky - 1 March, 2018

Following Russia’s March 2018 election, the behaviour of the country’s elites will be defined by the expectation of the president’s departure

So far from god, so close to Russia: Belarus and the Zapad military exercise

Fredrik Wesslau, Andrew Wilson - 11 September, 2017

Renewed Minsk-Moscow cooperation in the ‘Zapad’ war games should not see the door to Belarus closed