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Policy Brief

Beyond good and evil: Why Europe should bring ISIS foreign fighters home

Anthony Dworkin - 25 October, 2019

EU member states have failed to come up with a coherent policy on how to handle the hundreds of their citizens having travelled to join ISIS in Syria.

After ISIS: How to Win the Peace in Iraq and Libya

Hayder al-Khoei, Ellie Geranmayeh, Mattia Toaldo - 4 January, 2017

Recent terror attacks in Berlin, Baghdad and Istanbul demonstrate that defeating ISIS militarily is only half the battle.

The war next door: Syria and the erosion of stability in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 4 July, 2016

Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have so far been resilient to the spillover from Syria’s civil war, but now the region's stability is hanging by a thread.

Syrian Diplomacy Renewed: From Vienna to Raqqa

Julien Barnes-Dacey, Daniel Levy - 27 November, 2015

An “Islamic State first” strategy, that neglects the urgent need to secure political progress and de-escalation in Syria will fail.

Turkey, the Kurds and the fight against Islamic State

Cale Salih - 14 September, 2015

Europe must prioritise diplomatic support for peace between Turkey and the Kurds as a pre-requisite for a successful strategy against Islamic State

The Islamic State through the regional lens

Julien Barnes-Dacey, Ellie Geranmayeh, Daniel Levy - 14 January, 2015

Essay collection on the regional dimensions of the IS crisis.


The Islamic State through the regional lens

12 January, 2015

This series examines the reaction of key Middle Eastern actors, as well as looking at European policy options, the dynamics driving IS itself, and the impact within Syria and Iraq respectively. 

Rebooting EU Foreign Policy

François Godement, Daniel Levy, Mark Leonard, Kadri Liik, Vessela Tcherneva, Nick Witney - 3 October, 2014

The EU is ill-equipped to respond to foreign policy crises.