Syria: Publications

No going back: Why decentralisation is the future for Syria

Jihad Yazigi - 6 September, 2016

Decentralisation offers one of the few ways to hold the country together, albeit in a looser form

The war next door: Syria and the erosion of stability in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 4 July, 2016

Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have so far been resilient to the spillover from Syria’s civil war, but now the region's stability is hanging by a thread.

Syrian Diplomacy Renewed: From Vienna to Raqqa

Julien Barnes-Dacey, Daniel Levy - 27 November, 2015

An “Islamic State first” strategy, that neglects the urgent need to secure political progress and de-escalation in Syria will fail.

Syria’s war economy

Jihad Yazigi - 7 April, 2014

Syria’s war economy is encouraging profiteers to prolong the conflict

The Gulf and sectarianism

Fatima Ayub - 13 November, 2013

How sectarian agendas shape the politics of the Middle East

The regional struggle for Syria

Julien Barnes-Dacey, Daniel Levy - 29 July, 2013

How regional actors shape the conflict in Syria

Syria: The imperative of de-escalation

Julien Barnes-Dacey, Daniel Levy - 24 May, 2013

A diplomatic strategy for the conflict in Syria

What does the Gulf think about the Arab Awakening?

Fatima Ayub - 10 April, 2013

Understanding the influence of the Gulf States

Time to grow up: what Obama’s re-election means for Europe

Mark Leonard - 15 November, 2012

Europe needs to take more responsibility in its neighbourhood

Lebanon: Containing spillover from Syria

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 10 September, 2012

How Europe can help Lebanon to avoid a descent into chaos