European Power: Publications

Policy Brief

Protecting Europe against hybrid threats

Gustav Gressel - 25 June, 2019

Europe should pursue a ‘dual track’ approach of confrontation followed by dialogue with unfriendly cyber powers.

Policy Brief

Building Europeans’ capacity to defend themselves

Nick Witney - 25 June, 2019

To hedge against US disengagement without precipitating it, Europeans should converge on “taking a greater share of the burden of defending Europe”

Policy Brief

Meeting the challenge of secondary sanctions

Ellie Geranmayeh, Manuel Lafont Rapnouil - 25 June, 2019

The EU and its member states should strengthen their sanctions policy and begin to build up their deterrence and resilience against secondary sanctions

Policy Brief

Harnessing artificial intelligence

Ulrike Franke - 25 June, 2019

If Europe does not address these difficult questions soon it will find itself surrounded by more powerful rivals deploying AI against it

Policy Brief

Redefining Europe’s economic sovereignty

Jean Pisani-Ferry, Mark Leonard, Elina Ribakova, Jeremy Shapiro, and Guntram Wolff - 25 June, 2019

Europeans can take steps now to enhance their economic power, without advocating increased protectionism or a retreat from globalisation.

Policy Brief

Strategic sovereignty: How Europe can regain the capacity to act

Mark Leonard, Jeremy Shapiro - 25 June, 2019

The EU needs to learn to think like a geopolitical power.

Policy Brief

Untapped potential: How new alliances can strengthen the EU

Josef Janning, Almut Möller - 21 June, 2019

Fragmentation in the EU makes it increasingly difficult for member states to build coalitions. The EU Coalition Explorer reveals potential new groupings.


How to govern a fragmented EU: What Europeans said at the ballot box

Susi Dennison, Mark Leonard, and Pawel Zerka
With Teresa Coratella, Josef Janning, Andrzej Mendel-Nykorowycz, and José Ignacio Torreblanca - 19 June, 2019

The results of the European election confront EU leaders with a considerable challenge: navigating a new, more fragmented, and polarised political environment

Policy Brief

What Europeans really feel: The battle for the political system

Susi Dennison, Mark Leonard, Adam Lury - 16 May, 2019

Support for membership of the European Union is currently high, but so too is pessimism about the future of the European project.


Kingmakers of the mainstream: predictions for the European Parliament election

Kevin Cunningham, Simon Hix, and Michael Marsh, with Susi Dennison - 23 April, 2019

The next European Parliament will be finely balanced between the left bloc of socialists and greens, the European People’s Party, and anti-European parties.